Sweet Samba! How to Make a Brazilian Headdress

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This summer, make the Olympics a cultural celebration; spend an afternoon working on a colorful and fun craft that puts the spotlight on one of Brazil’s most iconic events—Carnival. We’ve gathered the supplies to make a Brazilian headdress, which your budding Samba school tykes can wear during the opening ceremonies on August 5. Scroll down for the entire tutorial and remember—bigger and brighter is always better!


What You’ll Need

Costume Masks  – we used these

Feathers – we used these

Gemstones – we used these

Paint – any tempera or acrylic with work

Glitter Glue – we used this in red

Hot Glue Gun or Elmer’s Glue

Spray Glitter (optional)


Paint the Mask

Get your kids set up with the materials and let them paint away. If they want to add designs with paint, be sure to wait until each coat is dry before beginning another


Decorate the Mask

Step One
Using either a hot glue gun (parental supervision is required) or Elmer’s glue, let your crafters embellish their headdresses with colorful jewels. During Carnival, Samba schools try to outshine each other with dazzling displays, so encourage your kids to add as much as they want!


Step Two
If you have glitter glue, this is the time to use it, either around the gemstones or as the glue for the gemstones—it’s up to your kids and their imaginations!


Step Three
Adding feathers can be tricky. Parents should help (or supervise older kids) with the hot glue gun. If you don’t have one, use tape to fasten the feathers to the back of the mask. Go with one color or make a colorful display with as many different feathers as possible. Afterwards, spray the feathers with spray glitter if you have it on hand. 

Wear the Mask

After everything dries, it’s time to shake a tail feather.


Try it as a mask.


Then, try it as a headdress!

Have you ever made a Carnival-inspired craft? Share with us in a Comment below.

Images and copy by Gabby Cullen

Project inspired by Globescouts