Gummy LEGOs Take Play to Another Level

Your kid’s favorite toy? LEGOs. Your kid’s new favorite food? LEGOs! We’re not talking about accidentally swallowing plastic bricks. These wiggly, wobbly Jello blocks actually fit together like a charm and are totally DIY-doable thanks to YouTuber Grant Thompson. If you can make Jello, you can make LEGO bricks (the molds can be easily found on Amazon for $6-50)! Check out the totally awesome video below to make your own gummy LEGOs.

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Grant Thomspon provides a full tutorial with tricks and tips to storing your candy toys. Click here to watch it. Pst—Take caution if introducing these to younger stackers who might confuse real plastic LEGOs with their Jello counterparts. And one thing is for sure: Both types of LEGO will never be fun to step on.


Love food you can play with? Check out this awesome story on food art here!

— Christal Yuen


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