Is there one thing children know too much or too little about kindness? I thought, perhaps, reading and doing math are essential skills to have in life. By all means, I do believe those are meaningful educational goals. Then, I wondered if kindness and compassion are still valuable lessons to learn.

There is nothing more important in the world than letting children know the importance of kindness. Why go through the process of even teaching children the value of compassion?

I wasn’t aware the impact of kindness until I experience it myself. Even though I often spare my extra change for the red kettle that rings with compassion outside the grocery store, I often wonder how far does that quarter go.

If only those 25-cents could talk, I think it might say that all together it helps someone have brighter holidays or help someone find a job, desperately. When you teach children to be kind, it’s a worthwhile opportunity to let them experience the wonders of community. Whether it’s a learning experience or an occasion to make children know what it means to give from the heart, it’s a chance to offer compassion. It is undoubtedly vital to let them do so at any age whenever they see an opportunity to help someone.

Would going to a homeless shelter help them realize how vital it is to have food? The majority might see it as a guilt trip. In reality, it is a thankful approach to life. Teaching them to recognize the part of life that they should be grateful teaches them such a valuable lesson. In essence, when we take the time to explain that this is not a negative aspect of life but a remarkable way to help someone else.

By helping to collect coats, blankets, food supplies, or serving food in homeless shelters, I’m adding value to my life and those around me. It is an experience to cherish for life. A new perspective on life is upon me when I think those few coins can make a world of difference. Yes, whether it is a small gesture such as dropping coins in the red bucket Salvation Army or collecting toys for Toys for Tots, the need to think besides my ‘wants’ and desires are more powerful than receiving something from someone else.

Don’t let the valuable lesson stop there. Carry on the kindness of helping others by serving in other ways throughout the year.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Sasin Tipchai
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