How to Stay Organized While Being a Virtual Teacher


Sarah DeGrim

I am a wife, a Mom of 2 boys, and founder of NYC home organizing company, Stylish Spaces.Not a minimalist but a realist. Passionate about helping fit big lives in city sized homes.

Parenting is hard. Even in the best of times, it can seem overwhelming to manage all the responsibilities that come with having children. Then a global pandemic hits and well… we’re now in charge of navigating the “new normal” and everything that entails, including virtual learning.

The struggle is real for both parents and kids alike; social interactions have been replaced by hours of Zoom calls, and digital homework needs to be completed despite the distractions of home.

We could all use a little help these days. So I’m sharing my top tips for organizing your home to set up your kids (and you) up for success:

Tip 1: Eliminate distractions:
It seems simple but let’s face it, little kids make big messes and the mess is distracting. Clear surfaces = clear minds. If you don’t already have a system in place, I would suggest drawers. This is a simple, inexpensive, freestanding solution that toys and other distractions can be placed into and closed until the class is dismissed.

Tip 2: Get a Calendar:
This new schedule is hard and having a calendar in your kids’ room is a great way for them to understand their schedule. Whether that means managing their time throughout the day or keep track of “in-school” vs “virtual” days. Kids have an incredible ability to adapt, but children thrive when they’re given structure and know what’s expected of them.

Tip 3: Designate a space to learn:
Whether it’s a desk or a seat at the kitchen counter, designate a spot for learning to occur. Clear surfaces of everything that isn’t school related. I love using a desk mat for kids because not only are they easy to clean, in case of a spill or marker slip, but they also define the workspace.

Tip 4: Organize school materials
There is value in organizing your kids’ school materials. Supplies should be easy to reach and easy to put away. For example: a cup for pencils. It’s easy to grab what you need and easy to throw it back in the cup! A file sorter is another easy way for kids to organize what they need. Whether it’s a shelf for each subject or one for paper, one for homework – everyone knows where to find what they need.

Will these tips magically transform virtual learning, maybe not, but you might be surprised at the big impact of small changes.


Rolling Drawer Storage

Clean it up and roll it away


Bonus: you have some control over this storage! If you can’t trust your kids to stay out of those drawers, simply wheel it next to your WFH station to keep it under control. This could also allow for your kids to choose one drawer to access during break and it makes clean up easy when it’s time to get back to work.




Let's manage expectations


This particular calendar set gives you the option to use 1 or all 3 calendars and break down the week, and/ or the month. The dry erase is easy to use and it is a peel and stick calendar meaning no need to hang it or worry about kids knocking it off the wall when writing on it.



Desk Mat

Define work area


You can get desk mat's in all different colors and I suggest having fun with this one. This desk mat is waterproof and will protect your desks/ countertops but the occasional slip of a marker or glue stick. Easy to pick up, clean and move. This mat even comes with a wrap for when you're traveling or need to store it.



File Sorter

Organize it all


This is an easy place to organize all paper/ folders/ homework etc. Not only will this cut down on kids constantly asking for help because they can't find something but it makes it super easy to grab what you in for in-school days.



Magnetic Wall Organizer

Put it on the wall


I love these magnetic storage solutions because it allows kids (and adults) to take the whole containers right off the wall, use them and replace them back on the wall when they are done. For everyone who is trying to keep their homes tidy and preserve space, this is a fantastic solution.



Rotating 4-Section Acrylic Pencil Cup

Spinners have more fun


Let's face it, we're talking about getting kids to be successful at virtual learning... we've got to remember to have some fun with it. This spinning pencil/ pen holder is just that.



3-Tier Rolling Cart

Storage for the kitchen countertop learners

$39.99 BUY NOW

This product is great for kids who might be at a kitchen counter or table somewhere that isn't a designated desk because it can be rolled over and moved so easily. Everything you need to store can be placed on this cart which ultimately becomes a traveling desk caddy.


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