How to Teach a 3-Year-Old Coding

We live in an era where technology is developing at increasingly faster rates. STEM programs are popping up in more schools across the nation, and coding is one of the world’s most widely used languages. But what if you could teach the basics of coding without tons of screen time?

You can. Meet Cubetto a wooden play-set made by toy manufacturer Primo Toys. Cubetto is the coding toy made for both boys and girls that is hand-on, away from a screen. It lowers the age-barrier, too, as it is designed for kids 3 and up. Using a friendly robot made of wood, a physical programming console, and a set of expandable coding blocks, Cubetto helps children understand basic principles of coding in a very age-appropriate way.

Cost: $225

This is how Cubetto works…

Know any other cool gadgets for tech-savvy tots? Tell us in the comments below!

Video courtesy of Primo Toys via Youtube

— Noelle Buckband


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