How to Teach Children Compassion

Each word you speak to your child programs their concept of reality. Sounds, just like words, have meaning woven through them. Every word or sound is infused with your thoughts and intentions conveyed through the tone, cadence and through the subtle non-verbal cues accompanying it.

Parenting Cornerstones

From the very beginning, set an intention to talk to your child with conscious awareness.  What do you want to be the cornerstones of your child’s reality? Love? Peace? Harmony? Joy? Security? Safety? Bliss? Happiness? Balance? Abundance? Nurturance? Empowerment? Compassion? Give this some thought and list your top three to five parenting cornerstones on a piece of paper to be posted in several places in your home where you will frequently see them.

Remember these buzz-words when you talk with your children; whatever age they may be. A newborn that is spoken to with intention and love hears this in your voice and senses your intention as extrasensory input. The preschooler feels your inner smile and love and senses that you are one hundred percent present with them if even for a few minutes. The school-age child notices how your eyes and body language tell a story and models their behavior after yours and thereby becomes a proficient communicator. The preteen appreciates your attention and affection as they begin the journey of forming their own identity. The high school age young adult/child knows on a deeper level that you are a steady pillar nearby in case they falter providing them with consistent messages of life’s most precious cornerstones.

You are empowered to use your words and communication skills to teach your child. Through this conscious choice, you model the deeper concept that each person creates their reality. In doing this for your child you will find yourself transforming as well. You too will become an aware, empowered communicator and will draw to you more of the same. Words can be a path to conscious living.

Empathy & Compassion

To teach children compassion, invite them to treat others as they want to be treated. Speak this aloud to your child in a variety of ways: Smile at others the way you’d like to be smiled at. Say words to others that you would like to hear. Do things to help others the way you would like to be helped. Provide examples of this in daily life, like “Pat that doggy gently the way you would like to be patted if you were him.”

Say it and live it. Invite children to be empathetic by modeling compassion for others. Lots of times having children in our lives teaches us to live better, more mindful lives. Allow your child or children’s presence to inspire you to be more peaceful, compassionate, and conscious. Choose to empower yourself and live a life of honor and peace.

Conscious Parenting

Remember children live what they learn. You are an inspiration to your child and everyone you meet. Raising a child is always an immense learning opportunity for the adults in the child’s life. To embrace this and be truly present to it is the embodiment of conscious parenting.

By choosing to parent with presence and consciousness you are providing an opportunity for your child to learn to be a conscious individual. You are providing a framework for healthy, ecologically responsible, spiritually connected living. You are the model, and one day your child may become the model for you.

Enjoy this journey. It is an expression of beauty; sometimes poignant, often joyful, frequently challenging and it is totally unique. You, your child and all life are soul essence. You are spiritual beings and spiritual beings learn from each other. Watch your child, learn and grow and watch your own life transform as you walk a conscious path together towards ever-expanding awareness.

Amy Leigh Mercree is a holistic health expert, medical intuitive and best selling author of 11 books including, A Little Bit of Mindfulness: An Introduction To Being Present and The Mood Book to name a few. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Next Level Healing, Meet Your Guides, Mindfulness Meditation, and Bestseller Bootcamp classes. 


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