From Fast Ball to Curve Ball: How to Throw Like a Pro

If they have graduated from T-ball and mastered the underhand pitch, it’s time to learn a few secrets of pitching like a pro. And even if they never throw a perfect game (or even pitch at all) figuring out these fascinating hand positions is a fun activity all on it’s own!


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Two Seam Fast Ball

–Hold the ball with two fingers close together inside with or along the narrow seams, or across the narrow seams.

Check out some videos and an in-depth explanation of the two seam fastball pitch from



Change Up

–Grip the ball deep in the hand, balanced and loose. The ball should rest up against the top ridge of the palm or at the base of the fingers.

Check out some videos and an in-depth explanation of the change up pitch from


–As with most other pitches, grips for the curve ball will vary. But generally the pressure on a curve ball is provided by the middle finger and thumb. The index finger is just along for the ride.

Check out some videos and an in-depth explanation of the curveball pitch from

These are just a few simple tips to get you started, but if for a more in-depth look at pitching practices, check out, where real coaches weigh in and share their secrets.

Have any pitching tips of your own? share them with us in the comments below! 

–Erin Feher

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