Anxiety told this sweet girl to panic. Anxiety told this little one she couldn’t be alone in a room. Anxiety told this sweet one she had to fear, rather than be filled with joy. But you know what anxiety didn’t do?  It didn’t take over. It didn’t get the best of her. It didn’t take away her happiness.

This sweet girl took control. She didn’t allow it to strip her from her joy. She didn’t let the thoughts churning inside crush her spirit.

This little girl did the work. She learned strategies to calm her spirit when it was revving up. She practiced relaxation techniques. She took deep breaths and then some more.

This little girl did the work. And now, as a teen, she is thriving. Anxiety creeps in every now and then but she has the tools to stop it long before it attempts to take over.

When I look at her now, I see a calm surrounding her. She has arrived at a place of comfort. She has arrived at a place of peace. She has arrived at a place of confidence.

My sweet girl is a light of hope and strength.

As I look at her now, in social settings talking with confidence, not worrying about the next thing coming and laughing with a joy that deeply fills her heart, I take pause.

I pause and I smile, with tears in my eyes, knowing how blessed she is, how much work she has done and the payoff now of feeling free…

Free from the controls of anxiety.


And what a blessing for my sweet girl.

So mamas, if your little one is struggling with anxiety, know there is hope. If you are looking for some tips on how to help your little one, turn to your pediatrician or reach out to a therapist for guidance. They have the tools and answers to guide you through this journey.

This post originally appeared on Hang in there mama by Ali Flynn.
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