IKEA hosted a birthday party for a 3-year-old, complete with Swedish meatballs, and now we want to know if this is available for adults, too

What is it that makes IKEA the best place on Earth? There’s just something simultaneously thrilling and calming about winding through those maze-like display floors, admiring furniture and decor you can actually afford (if you can figure out how to put it together). Everyone loves IKEA—but no one loves IKEA like the 3-year-old who had her now-viral birthday party there.

TikTok mom @cyaatia narrates the video, which has exploded with views from Swedish-furniture-loving millennials all over the world.

“Come with me to have my three-year-old’s birthday party at IKEA Tampa,” she says, showing the very excited toddler walking into the store.

They’re first met by the Tampa store’s “event leader,” which is a thing we didn’t know IKEA offered, but we’re thrilled to find out. They adorn the birthday girl with a special sash and lead the way to the party room, which has been decorated in the store’s signature blue and yellow colors with streamers and balloons. The camera then pans over the lunch buffet, which includes all our cafe favorites—including the famous Swedish meatballs, obviously.

And then, and this is the best part, the kids at the party were led through the showrooms on an IKEA-themed scavenger hunt the store’s staff designed. If my next birthday doesn’t include a furniture-themed scavenger hunt, I don’t want it.


Lucy’s 3rd Birthday Party 🥹 💙💛 I will never stop talking about this party. Thank you to @IKEA USA @IKEA

♬ original sound – cyaatia

The party wrapped up with cake and singing, and @cyaatia revealed that the Tampa store’s entire staff had signed a giant birthday card for her daughter. They seriously pulled out all the stops, just when we didn’t think we could love IKEA any more.

In follow-up videos, @cyaatia answered questions from the video’s comments section, mostly from people wanting to know A) how she managed to book a birthday party at a furniture store, and B) whether we can all plan our birthdays at IKEA, too.


Replying to @krstn #ikeabirthday #ikea #ikeabirthdayparty #ikeatampa

♬ original sound – cyaatia

She explained that her daughter has always loved IKEA because it’s a place where she can “play with toys, jump on beds, and eat pizza all in the same store.” Relatable, TBH. So she reached out to their local branch to ask about the birthday party idea, and the team there loved it. They went above and beyond to pull off the party we saw in the video. And while IKEA doesn’t offer birthday parties like this one at all its stores (for kids or adults 😩), @cyaatia did note that the brand is watching her video’s comments and that this may be something they offer in the future.


Replying to @harold’s chicken all the details #ikea #ikeaparty #ikeabirthday #ikeatampa

♬ original sound – cyaatia

So for now, you’ll have to get your birthday meatballs to go. But IKEA, if you’re reading this, we’re begging: make birthday parties a thing.

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