There’s nothing as motivational as working out with a friend, especially a pal who is on the same health track as you. So when we discovered the #fitmom community on Instagram, an incredibly positive community full of delicious food pics, innovative fitness techniques and life with kids, we knew we had to share more. Scroll down to see which moms we turn to for instant inspiration (especially on the days we can hardly get out of bed!).


As a trainer and mom of 4 boys, Jennifer Gelman aims to find the athlete in every parent. Her workout videos and photos are truly fun to see, especially when she incorporates her kiddos into the routine. Nothing will work out your glutes like squatting with a three-year-old in your lap! Follow her at @bwmcfitness on Instagram.

Healthy living isn’t just about getting your reps in and eating right—it’s also about the mindset and finding balance. That’s why we love Brooke Froelich, a momma who tackles life outdoors with her little one. Snow or shine, she always makes sure to get fresh air into her routines. See her trail adventures at @brooke.froelich on Instagram.

Monica Bencomo of @momswearheels has got the trifecta of healthy living. She’s funny, fit and full of advice for parents who are looking to achieve a balanced lifestyle. While there are not as many photos of food, Monica posts recipes and inspiring before and after photos that get us pumped for a morning workout.

You could plan your entire breakfast, lunch and dinner plans for the rest of the year just by looking at @nomnompaleo‘s Instagram. Michelle Tam is a foodie genius behind an award-winning blog, cooking app and award-nominated cookbook, so there’s no doubt that her family is happily well fed. Plus, they say diet is 70% of the way to getting fit, so follow @nomnompaleo to get a 10% head start.


From one mom to another, Tricia Enriquez is a fitness coach that all parents can get behind. Many of her photos feature her adorable daughter dancing or working on that downward dog stretch right beside her. Plus, if you’re all about before and after photos for proof or jumping into a 30-day challenge, @trishaenriquez will satisfy that bug.


Sometimes the key to eating happy and healthy is eating with style. That’s why we love The Foodie Kids of Austin. They feature delicious dishes foodie kids are gobbling up left and right. In a very yummy way, @thefoodiekids offers up great ideas on new foods your mini-me might want to try. Sure there are desserts and french fries featured, but life is about balance and @thefoodiekids has got that balance right.


Brooke Amaral of @Busy.Fit.Mom breaks down how to balance fitness, nutrition and mom life in an inspirational way. You can’t help but feel motivated after seeing her sessions. Whether in the gym or outside having adventures with her kids, catch her in action at @Busy.Fit.Mom.

Find your “why” and self-confidence with Jenna Guerrettaz over at @jennagtaz_fit. She’s dedicated to helping other moms find their way to a healthier life that fits them. No cookie-cutter advice here. Be sure to add her to your feed ASAP for fit tips.


We love how honest @Caroline_Prestano is. She keeps it real and gives you doable workouts you can tackle at home (like she does in her basement.) Plus this podcaster has recipes and more for her followers. Follow @Caroline_Prestano to find out more.

—Christal Yuen with Jesseca Stenson

Featured image: Madison Lavern via Unsplash



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