Decorate Your Front Door and Help Girls Around the World

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October 11 is International Day of the Girl, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the need for girls’ rights. It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach your kids —boys and girls—about the importance of gender equality and girls’ rights around the world. Not sure how to show your girl power? Plan International USA made it easy for your family to support girls worldwide with its Girl Unlocked Campaign.

Plan International USA is a nonprofit organization that strives to advance children’s rights and equality for girls. They do this by engaging people and communities to make vital changes and tackle the root causes of discrimination against girls, exclusion and vulnerability. This year’s International Day of the Girl is more important than ever with a global pandemic affecting girls in so many ways.

Plan International USA wants your family show support for girls and young women as they push through doors and unlock their power and potential by decorating your front door in honor of International Day of the Girl. Participating is super easy. Here’s what you do!

1. Decorate your front door with equal signs and bold messages about gender equality. Think images of strong women, hearts, stars—anything that showcases messages and symbols of equity and girl empowerment. You can get as colorful and creative as you want and can find some ideas here!

2. While you decorate, use this opportunity to talk to your kids about equality, girls’ rights and empowerment.

3. Work on this fun activity anytime!

4. Share a photo of your front door on social media along with the hashtag #GirlUnlocked and tag @PlanUSA on Facebook and Twitter, and @Plan_USA on Instagram. In your post, include a brief message in your post about your family’s hopes for the next generation of girls.

This project is an awesome way for families to come together—in a pandemic-friendly way—and express their creativity through messages of girl power and equality to support girls around the world.

Plan International USA also hosted more activities in support of the International Day of the Girl, including their signature Girl Takeovers, where girls assume leadership roles in major corporations, governments, and nonprofits for the day, and female-led online workshops. You can check out the ​Freedom Online​ Report, sign a letter to make sure girls’ voices are heard, and visit the Unlock the Vote hub to learn about important girls’ rights issues before Election Day and how Plan has joined forces with theSkimm to help drive voting and bring attention to key issues.

Join in supporting Girl Unlocked today and share your creation using #GirlUnlocked! Learn more about Plan International USA.

—Leah R. Singer