Josh Gad Opens Up about How His Daughter Influenced Olaf’s Role in “Frozen 2”

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Actor Josh Gad, a.k.a. Olaf (or at least the voice behind him), recently shared a tear-jerkingly sweet video of his nine-year-old daughter on Instagram.

The clip, which was taken four years ago, shows the little girl crying as she muses, “But why will I never not be a kid anymore?” At the tender age of five, Gad’s daughter had just come to the realization she would grow up, and like her nanny Sara says in the video, “We’re not Peter Pan. Only Peter Pan is a kid forever.”

Along with the clip, Gad captioned the video, “Four years ago, during dinner one night our beautiful little girl had a huge epiphany that shook her to her core…we all have to grow up.” The Frozen 2 star continued, “This heartbreaking moment is something I never shared publicly before because it was so personal. Our Nanny at the time, Sara, did such a remarkable job helping guide her through this difficult “coming of age” moment and I constantly look back at it as a reminder of the fragility of youth and our struggle to make sense of our place in this rapid world.”

Gad went on to explain the impact his daughter’s realization had on his Frozen 2 character, “It just so happens that I shared this video with our brilliant Frozen 2 team at the time and said, I believe this should be Olaf’s journey in Frozen 2.” The actor opened up about how this moment (and the video clip) shaped Olaf’s journey, telling the Hollywood Reporter, “I showed it to [Frozen 2 directors] Chris and Jennifer, who both had smiles on their faces. I think that they both had the same instincts—that it was time for Olaf to grow up.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Disney’s Frozen 2 via Instagram 



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