‘Judy Blume Forever’ Documentary Trailer Puts the Legend Herself Front & Center

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The Judy Blume Forever trailer is here, and the beloved, iconic author is ready to tell us her own story

Name an author more iconic than Judy Blume—I’ll wait.

Blume is the children’s book juggernaut behind “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” “Blubber,” and so many other seminal works that may as well be required reading for kids of a certain age. Blume’s books are comforting, relatable, and honest—but that’s why she’s fought against book bans for her entire career, as censors have tried to keep her writing about crushes, periods, bras, and sex away from kids’ eyes.

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Get ready to hear about all that and more, in Blume’s own words, directly from the legend herself. A new Prime video documentary, Judy Blume Forever, is set to examine the author’s legacy, with plenty of input from Blume along the way. Just check out the new trailer that dropped.

“I grew up as a good girl with a bad girl lurking inside, so by the time I started to write I really had a lot to get out,” Blume explains in the trailer. “I could be fearless in my writing in a way that maybe I wasn’t always in my life.”

And if that doesn’t just sum it up.

The trailer also reveals that the documentary will include cameos from a lot of famous faces: Molly Ringwald, Lena Dunham, Anna Konkle, and Samantha Bee can all be seen talking about their own experiences with Blume’s books and sharing their thoughts on her impact.

“Everything I learned about sex or crushes, I learned from Judy,” Ringwald shares. Um, same.

In a particularly touching moment, the trailer shows how Judy Blume Forever will examine Blume’s impact through the many letters she’s received from readers over the years. Blume personally answered as many letters as she could and even kept up years-long correspondences with some of her fans.

In a time when book bans and other scary censorship laws seem to be in the headlines every day, we could all use a little more Judy Blume. Judy Blume Forever premieres on Prime Video on April 21.


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