These giant outdoor games are creating some giant fun in the sun

Looking to add some big fun to your backyard bash? Look no further than giant outdoor games! These larger-than-life versions of classic games are perfect for all ages and add a playful twist to any outdoor gathering. Whether you’re looking for a game to keep the kids entertained or a way to liven up your next BBQ, jumbo yard games are the way to go. From giant Jenga to oversized bowling, there are so many options to choose from. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’re sharing our top picks for giant outdoor games that you can purchase right now. In fact, most of them are from Amazon, so you can get them almost right now. Plus, we made sure to consider kiddos of all ages so no one gets left out. Get ready to supersize your next backyard game night!

28 Piece Large Wooden Dominoes

Triumph Sports/Amazon

Color-coded and varnish-finished, these giant dominoes are ideal for the the whole family! 28 Piece Large Wooden Dominoes ($42.99)—Buy Now!

Hasbro Oversized Yahtzee Game


This oversized Yahtzee game is so much fun for everyone! Roll those dice, pick a category, and add up those scores. If you roll the same number on all five dice, you know the rule! This hot jumbo game is selling out fast for summer 2023. Hasbro Oversized Yahtzee Game ($29.99)—Buy Now!

Giant Yard Pong


This jumbo yard pong game is perfect for all ages. This set includes 12 oversized red cups, four balls, and a carrying case so you can take easily bring the fun with you to the beach or your next family gathering. Giant Yard Pong ($39.99)—Buy Now!

Jumbo Ring Toss


This giant ring toss game is simply a backyard must-have. A tried-and-true favorite activity through the spring, summer, and fall, ring toss has a way of bringing people (of all ages) together. This particular set has over 11K glowing Amazon reviews! Jumbo Ring Toss ($22.95)—Buy Now!

Pro Grade Ladder Toss


This ladder toss is a great game for all ages to play. Set up is easy and you'll be having a blast in no time. Pro Grade Ladder Toss ($49.99)—Buy Now!

Kick Croquet Game Set


Kids will have a ball with this fun, outdoor, giant kick croquet game! Kick Croquet combines the fun of running and kicking a ball with the extra added attraction of guiding it through a course of wickets. You can make the course as hard or easy as you want. We're talking soccer vibes in a huge croquet set! Kick Croquet Game Set ($30.28)—Buy Now!

Giant Connect 4


If this isn't the most fun game for families, we aren't sure what is! Set up this jumbo version of Connect Four in your backyard and the kids will be dueling it out all summer long (but, you know, like in a healthy, friendly competition way). Don't believe us? Read the reviews! Giant Connect 4 ($229.99)—Buy Now!

Giant Jenga


Don't you just love this extra-huge version of Jenga? The kids might need your help setting it up every time they knock it over, but other than that this is certainly one of the best jumbo lawn games you can bring home. Giant Jenga ($118.50)—Buy Now!

Giant Inflatable Dice 6-Pack


This inflatable dice set comes with six dice so that you can teach the kids one of these fun games or even use them to make match concepts fun! We love that they are easy to transport so that you can bring them with you camping or on your next family vacation. Giant Inflatable Dice 6-Pack ($16.58)—Buy Now!

Giant Inflatable Bowling Set


This is a super fun option for little ones since there's very little risk of them getting hurt. Have the kids kick the bowling ball or mix it up and have them kick it backward—there are tons of ways this can be a fun and active game! Giant Inflatable Bowling Set ($29.99)—Buy Now!

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