Kate Hudson Shared a Pic of Her 3-Year-Old in a Stroller and the Internet Had No Chill

Kate Hudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson recently shared an adorable pic of her and daughter, Rani Rose, out and about in New York on a gorgeous sunny day. While some took the picture for what it was—a sweet mom/daughter photo—others just had to chime in with unsolicited parenting advice about the fact that Rani seemed “too big” to be in a stroller.

Rani Rose, three, is seen in the picture smiling away in an adorable outfit while sitting in the stroller. Hudson was pushing her, looking stunning as always. While many had nice things to say about the moment, others couldn’t contain themselves, chiming in about the age at which a child becomes “too old” to be pushed in one.

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“Someone’s becoming a little city gal,” she captioned the shot in New York with a Statue of Liberty emoji. Hudson shares Rani with fiancé Danny Fujikawa. She’s also mom to Ryder Robinson, 18, and Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 10.

People couldn’t wait to jump into the debate, adding comments like: “Also becoming a little big for a stroller,” “Her legs [aren’t] broken. Walk lil girl,” and “Your gonna need a Bigger stroller.”

Another added: “Do kids this size really ride in strollers still? .. Not a mother here,” to which the answer is a swift “none of your business, stay your lane, please and thank you.”

Of course, one lovely human came to Hudson’s defense with a just-snarky-enough comment, saying, “Hey stroller / pushchair police. Not your kid, not your day out, not any of your business. Jog on.” Bless.

Much like breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding and almost every other parenting decision we make, what you choose to do with your kids, including pushing them in a stroller, is your choice. She’s walking around a busy city with her child. One, who like any child, will eventually be too tired/cranky/hungry/bored to walk anymore. Why not push her around (and have a place to store all your stuff) and enjoy the day instead? No one needs the judgment.

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