From noodles and egg rolls to a classic stir fry, here are 14 kid-pleasing Asian food recipes to help you ring in the Lunar New Year

Can’t make it out to an Asian food restaurant with the kids? Give your chopsticks a workout anyways, by making a Chinese food-inspired homemade meal. These yummy dishes may not arrive in those cute little boxes, but they’ll be gobbled up as fast as your go-to takeout (We promise!). Let the kids help cook and they’ll be even more excited. From beef and broccoli, noodles, and egg rolls to a classic stir fry, here are 14 Chinese food recipes and other Asian recipes the family will love.


While this looks like sushi, Korean Kimbap is much more kid-friendly because there isn’t any raw fish, but instead includes beef, chicken, and other fillings like cucumber, carrots, avocado, and more. Get an easy recipe here.

Mu Shu Chicken


Move beyond noodles to widen their petite palates even further. Mu Shu, the Chinese version of a burrito, is a treat for Chinese food fans. The kids will get a kick out of stuffing their tortillas (an easy substitute for Mu Shu pancakes) with hoisin-flavored chicken, and you'll love that this recipe is a breeze to prep. Find out how to make this for dinner tonight over at Weelicious.

Vegetable Pot Stickers

It’s always good to have options and these vegetable pot stickers from Damn Delicious are a perfect choice. Any picky kiddos will love these and you’ll want to keep them around to eat all the time.

Chicken and Zucchini Stir Fry

Make this chicken and zucchini stir fry from The Woks of Life and the kids will be begging for more. Check out their tips for crispy and tender zucchini at the recipe link.

Beef and Broccoli in a Bowl

Chinese food recipes
Pinch of Yum

Beef and broccoli is a family favorite take-out option for its flavor and nutrient-packed ingredients. While searing the meat might take a little extra time, this is a 30-minute meal perfect for busy weeknights. Grab the recipe from Pinch of Yum

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Pork and Celery Dumplings

You and the family will love these pork and celery dumplings from The Woks of Life. With such easy ingredients as celery and carrots, this recipe will become a go-to.

Easy Congyoubing

This popular Chinese street food is easy to recreate at home, plus it’s an easy appetizer, snack, or light dinner with the right dipping sauces. With only four ingredients, the most difficult part of this recipe is how to roll the dough. Head to View from Great Island for the details.

Asian Chicken Thighs

The Midnight Baker

Nothing says comfort food like Chinese food. This soy sauce chicken is the perfect family dish, especially when the hard part is just waiting for the chicken to cook! Serve this with a side of veggie fried rice (or white rice and steamed veggies) to ensure a balanced meal. Click here for the simple recipe.

15-Minute Lo Mein

What’s Chinese takeout without lo mein? Lucky for you, Chungah of Damn Delicious has perfected a fantastic homemade version that only takes 15 minutes. Throw in whatever veggies you have in the fridge, and choose to add a protein or keep it meat-free. The kids will love every bite.

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Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken

Chinese food recipes
Foodie with Family

The next time the takeout urge strikes, whip up a batch of this honey sesame chicken we scooped over at Foodie with Family. It's a budget-friendly, crowd-pleasing recipe that only requires a few steps (chop, whisk, throw in slow-cooker).

Honey Garlic & Broccoli Stir Fry

Chinese food recipes
GI 365

Inspired by her husband’s love of chicken wings, food blogger Kari of GI 365 created this stir-fry recipe that features the same sweet and savory flavors of her hubby’s fave dish. Coming together in 30 minutes, you’ll want to make Kari’s stir-fry dish year-round. 

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Egg Rolls

Thirsty for Tea

Chinese take-out without the guilt? Just look to food blogger Bonnie of Thirsty for Tea for an egg roll recipe that is baked, not fried. Bonnie also has some great tips on perfecting the egg roll!

Fortune Prawns


Bring prosperity and fortune to your Chinese New Year dinner with these fortune prawns. Courtesy of Kuali, the prawns are coated with a flavorful mix of garlic, ginger, and dried chilies. Are your taste buds curious?

Char Siu Bao

Chinese baked BBQ pork buns (or char siu bao) are a kid favorite for their soft fluffy outside and sweet pork inside. While this might not be the easiest Chinese food recipe, it is definitely worth the effort. Get the recipe from The Woks of Life.


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