These Kids Coats are Made Out of…Coffee Grounds?

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How do you like your coffee? Black, with milk and sugar or…spun into the fabric of your kids’ new coat? If you prefer your coffee in a cup, hear us out. Reima, the kids activewear company out of Finland, is set to debut their newest innovation in kidswear: Coffee Bean Shimmer Fabric, available in a kids two-in-one down jacket and a one-piece newborn snowsuit. Released on September 29, which also happens to be National Coffee Day, these innovative outwear pieces will make you fall in love with coffee all over again.

These coats are seriously made out of coffee? What does the coffee do?
For the coffee-obsessed, you may be disappointed that the coats don’t actually smell like coffee. But, Reima’s smart textile engineers designed the fabric so that the particles of carbonized coffee grounds are spun into the polyester on a very microscopic level. According to the Reima team, they’re “very, very small.”

Even at a microscopic level, coffee lovers and non coffee aficionados will have to agree that the caffeinated design is innovative. Reima tells us that when tiny particles of ground coffee are carbonized at high temperature, the carbon forms honeycomb structures. By adding those particles into their 100% polyester material, Reima’s textile engineers are able to increase the fabric’s heat retention capability, which will help your kiddos stay warm. They go on to tell us that beyond storing heat, this process decreases the build-up of static electricity in the fabric, which prevents the formation of odors.

Besides the coffee grounds, what’s special about these new pieces?
Just like Reima’s other designs, this kids jacket and newborn snowsuit are well made and durable. For families with multiple children who play hard, you can expect these two new outerwear pieces to hold up across multiple seasons and siblings. They won’t show wear or tear on the first tumble or rainy day.

The Coffee Bean Shimmer fabric is made with a waterproof, breathable PU lamination, which means that you can wear it from the warmer, early days of fall through the coldest winter months. Both styles are insulated with responsible down standard certified down and features, and for those looking for specifics, the fill power of the insulation is 550.

We love that the kids two-in-one down jacket can be worn as a jacket or a vest. The newborn one-piece honeycomb snowsuit also is multi-functional: wear it as a snowsuit with legs or convert it to a sleeping bag simply by closing the zip in the leg inseams from both directions. Either way you wear it, baby and the older kids, will stay dry and warm.

The two-in-one down jacket will be available in 6 colors from 4T-14Y and retails for $139.95. Choose from the slimmer “Heiberg” or the “Beringer” straight cut. The one-piece newborn coat will be available in three colors from 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months and retails for $139.95. Starting September 29, 2020 buy online at or at

—Erin Lem

all photos courtesy of Reima


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