Kids get into stuff like nail polish much sooner than you think. Before you know it, your kiddo might be wanting to tag along with you for your monthly mani/pedi or pointing out colors in the nail polish aisle at the store. And as fun as that is (because it most definitely is!), nail polishes in general can be filled with a ton of chemicals we’ve never even heard of. The good news? Our fingernails and toenails are made of keratin, which is hard and mostly impenetrable. Once nail polish dries, your nails won’t be absorbing the ingredients. That might be a relief for us adults, but when it comes to kids nail polish, it’s a little different.

Since little ones have incredibly sensitive skin, not to mention their tendency to put everything (hands and fingers included) into their mouths, sticking to kids nail polish formulations is a really good idea. Non-toxic nail polishes typically range from ‘3-free’ to ‘all-free’, meaning they don’t contain X-amount of the chemical hard-hitters. We also like opting for plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan, and/or water-based formulas. Even better news? The kids nail polishes we’ve picked out below have a combination of all of those formula types, so they can show off their colorful side (and you can worry a lot less).


box of 10 kids nail polishes
ella and mila

ella+mila (named after one of the founder's twin daughters!), these nail polishes are 17-free, chip-resistant, high-shine, and quick-drying. They're safe to use and planet-friendly, and with colors like Pretty Princess, Wheels on the Bus, and My Pool Party, kids will adore showing off their personalities with their faves! Available in this Me Collection 10-pack, or in individual colors, too.

ella+mila Me Collection 10pk ($55.00)—Buy Here!
ella+mila Nail Polish ($7.61+)—Buy Here!

Piggy Polish

four bottles of piggy paint kids nail polish
Piggy Polish

Piggy Polish is so popular with kiddos and their parents because they combine an All Free formula that's vegan and cruelty-free. Add the cool colors, yummy scents—like this Fruit Fairy collection!—, and a quick-dry time (just use the blowdryer for a minute!) that resists peeling, and it's easy to see why Piggy Polish is such a hit.

Piggy Polish Fruit Fairy 4pk ($22.00)—Buy Here!
Piggy Polish ($8.59+)—Buy Here!


four bottles of disney princess nail polishes from nailtopia

Nailtopia polishes are all-free, non-toxic, and include a blend of real plant-based ingredients that aren't harmful to nails. We're loving this Disney Princess Collection, but there are lots of colors to pick from.

Nailtopia Disney Princess Collection ($10.00/ea)—Buy Here!
Nailtopia Nail Polishes ($5.00+)—Buy Here!


two bottles of pink nail polish and a sheet of nail stickers

These polishes from Nailmatic are actually removable with soap and water, so not only are they 54% water-based and easy, your little one can change their mind as often as they want! They're also vegan and cruelty-free, and this set comes with some easy-to-use stickers, too.

Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish & Sticker Set ($22.00)—Buy Here!
Nailmatic Nail Polish ($22.00+)—Buy Here!

3C4G Three Cheers for Girls

box of seven bright kids nail polishes
3C4G Three Cheers for Girls

Another water-based option comes from 3C4G. Although they're not removable with just soap and water, they do come off easily with nail polish remover and are non-toxic. This Days of the Week set is super fun, with colors like Tuesday Tangy Tangerine and Sunday Silver Sparkle, but 3C4G has a bunch of color collection options.

3C4G Three Cheers for Girls ($12.99)—Buy Here!
3C4G Nail Polishes ($9.73+)—Buy Here!

Miss Nella

four bottles and four boxes of miss ella brand nail polish
Miss Nella

Miss Nella's nail polishes come in so. many. colors. and are non-toxic. A bonus? They can be peeled off instead of using nail polish remover! And not to worry; the polish won't come off until it's time to peel it off.

Miss Nella Nail Polish ($8.99)—Buy Here!

Klee Kids

Klee Kids

Water-based, peelable, 10-free, and dries in 30 seconds? Klee Kids nail polish is such a win all around. No need for nail polish remover, either!

Klee Kids Starry Sky Kiss Set 3pc ($24.99)—Buy Here!
Klee Kids Nail Polish ($24.99+)—Buy Here!

Townley Girl

eighteen L.O.L. Surprise-themed bottles of nal polish
Townley Girl

From L.O.L Surprise to Barbie to My Little Pony and more, Townley Girl's nail polish collections have the colors and characters kids love. It's another peel-off, non-toxic formulation, too!

Townley Girl L.O.L. Surprise Nail Polish 18pc ($6.49)—Buy Here!
Townley Girl Nail Polish ($6.49+)—Buy Here!

Karma Kids

Karma Kids

100% organic nail polish? That's Karma Kids' specialty. They're 7-free, cruelty-free, and non-toxic, plus when you buy from Karma Kids, you're supporting a small business. Who doesn't love that?

Karma Kids Nail Polish 4pc ($19.99)—Buy Here!


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