Are today’s kids harder to parent? A new study found that most Americans think so, thanks to the prevalence of technology in our everyday lives. But what to do about it?

In a survey of 2,000 American parents, 80% agreed parenting is more challenging than it was 30 years ago due to technology and 86% said kids grow up faster thanks to tech. They also reported that their kids spend an average of 43% of their free time connected online. COVID-19 has boosted that trend, with four in five parents saying they’ve allowed their kids more screen time during the pandemic.

What’s the most worrying online issue? Parents said that negative interactions on social media (55%) were most concerning, followed by inappropriate content (54%). Cyberbullying (38%) and violent video games (23%) were also listed as reoccurring concerns.

Most parents surveyed said that it was their responsibility to monitor their kid’s online activity. They achieve this by employing a family media plan (43%), implementing daily screen limits (43%) using parental control software (42%) and reinforcing “screen free zones” around the house (36%). The study was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Smith Micro Software.

Need some more tips on how to keep your kids safe in the digital age? We’ve got them!  And remember, quality screen time makes a world of difference, especially since tech isn’t going anywhere. After all, it also has plenty of benefits!

—Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay



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