When the weather doesn’t agree with outdoor play, it might take a little creativity and maybe a delivery or two from Amazon to mix it up. From inspiring and imaginative toys to creative craft kits, there are plenty of fun toys to order on Amazon to keep your kiddos active and learning, and having a grand ol’ time.

this doodle mat is a fun toy to order on amazon

Large Aqua Doodle Mat


Because laying out butcher block paper for your sweet tot isn’t always on your to-do list, there’s Miserwe’s Doodle Mat. Spread it out, fill the included six pens with water, and let your tot have at it—drawing with stamps, stencils and rollers to create a memorable masterpiece. The best part? It dries to a clean slate in just 10 minutes, making creating and cleaning up is easy as pie.

Melissa & Doug have lots of fun toys to order on Amazon.

Shape Sorter


Melissa & Doug's classic shape sorter helps little ones with colors and shapes—a great screen-free option. The engaging toy is made from sturdy wood and is perfect for kids ages 2-4.

indoor forts

Fort Boards

$100 BUY NOW

Indoor afternoons just got a whole lot more fun! Fort Boards are the perfect open-ended building toys that combine imagination and STEM skills and will keep littles busy for hours. Construct domes, vehicles and various-shaped forts with these colorful and BPA-free pieces that can build up to 20 square feet of construction but fold down for easy storage.

Longest Hidden Pictures® Puzzle Ever


Possibly the coolest hidden pictures book ever, Highlight's 16-ft. fold-out puzzle is fun for the entire family. Made on sturdy paper and featuring 280 hidden objects, this unique activity can be used on the go, completed in sections or spread out all at once!

brain flakes are a fun toy to order on Amazon for kids.

Brain Flakes


Kids don't just use their imagination when they play with brain flakes, they are enhancing their spatial thinking, too! With over 500 pieces per container, the possible creations are endless. It's a perfect STEM activity for future engineers!

an egg and spoon game, a fun toy to order on amazon.

Egg & Spoon Relay Game


Simple and oh-so-fun, this egg and spoon relay game will have your littles burning off energy in no time! The classic game comes with coordinating wooden spoons, eggs and a carrying case. Play a simple relay back and forth or make it interesting by creating an obstacle course.

Yuckology! Slime Lab


Your little scientists can create their slime concoctions with this easy-to-use kit that gives preschoolers their first lesson in early chemistry and making observations. The kit comes packed with all the tools you need to make slime from common household ingredients. The plastic tools can easily be washed to use again and again.

Looking for a fun toy to order on Amazon? Try LEGO!

LEGO Classic Bricks


With 484 pieces, there's plenty of creativity to be had with the LEGO Classic Bricks set. The multi-colored collection has tons of classic pieces, tires, mini-windows and propellers to keep kids entertained for hours.



Don't worry about balls in the house when your kids play Goodminton! This two-paddle game comes with two different speed birdies and is great for indoor fun.

Picasso Tiles are a fun toy to order on Amazon



When it comes to fun toys to order on Amazon, these are on the top of our list. Let little imaginations soar with STEM-friendly magnetic tiles. The multi-colored tiles let kids learn with their hands and get a grasp on 3D forms.

This indoor camping set is a super fun toy to order on Amazon

Pretend Camping Set


So you're stuck inside? Bring the outdoors in with this adorable camping set. It comes with a tent, faux fire, canteen and other camping supplies your little will need to survive the great indoors.

Fashion Plates are a fun toy to order on Amazon.

Fashion Plates


You kids may not be able to strut their stuff because they're stuck inside, but they can still dream up dressy duds. Classic Fashion Plates come with 15 interchangeable plates for countless outfits, plus paper, crayons, a drawing tablet and more.

Eat2Explore Box


Each box from Eat2Explore transports you to another country, with three unique recipes and essential spices and sauce mixes. Help your kiddos experience the great world with recipes that feed four each and include a shopping list. Choose from destinations like Greece, Brazil, China, India and Japan, to name a few.

Head-to-Toe Human Body Science Lab


This fun kit comes with a six-page illustrated storybook lab guide, eye chart, eye patch, tooth chart, toothbrush, stethoscope, dry erase marker, magnifier, washable ink pad, slime, red foil confetti, blue foil confetti, white foam balls and mixing container. Kids will learn from 10 activities all about science and first aid concepts.

this Discovery Kids Planetarium is a super fun toy to order on Amazon.

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector


Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector is double-sided and comes with two different modes: stationary and moving. Settle down for a night of looking at the stars with 32 different images!

Arts & Crafts Jar


This 1000+ piece set is bound to keep the kids happy for a while. Choose from pipe cleaners, pompoms, sequins, googly eyes, foam letters, flowers, plastic beads, wooden sticks, paper scroll and more––all in a handy plastic bucket.

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art


Create up to 20 gorgeous pieces of window art that will make the world a little brighter. Each set comes with suncatcher shapes, cords and suction cups to hang your work with pride.

Brio's Tabletop Pinball Set


Get your arcade fix with this tabletop version of pinball that's easy for kids as young as six to play.

Creatto Moonlight Elephant Safari | Light-Up Crafting Kit


Creatto kits require only two building components but offer countless results. The beautiful sets not only put creative juices to good use but also double as a work of art to keep on display.

smArt Pixelator


Steam learning and creativity come together with the smART Pixelator. Kids can learn to pixelate any design and build 2D and 3D projects using Bluetooth connectivity, lights and creative tools. Start with the included 50 step-by-step designs!

The Gravitrax is a fun toy to order on Amazon

Ravensberger's GraviTrax Marble Run


This might be one of our favorite fun toys to order on Amazon! The marble run of the modern age, this incredible STEM toy from Ravensburger will keep the kids entertained while they learn a little something, too. There are 122 pieces included in the starter set, which makes it possible to design unique marble runs, which in turn helps kids learn about engineering, gravity, magnetism and kinetics.


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