Kim Kardashian Pauses ‘Tonight Show’ Interview to Scold Her Kids

The Tonight Show

Kim Kardashian made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and had a moment trying to quiet her kids while she worked—a situation familiar to most of us since the pandemic.

Her two sons, Saint, six, and Psalm, three, were apparently making noise in the background during her interview, and she paused mid-sentence to set them straight. Kardashian was telling the audience about her appearance on Saturday Night Live, admitting she didn’t know Jimmy Fallon used to be a cast member on the show (she was unaware Will Ferrell was as well). As she was talking, Fallon looked to the side and said, “I’m hearing kids.”

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The mom-of-four turned around and told Saint and Psalm, “Guys, can you stop? This is your first time at work with me, please.” She explained to the audience: “My two boys are here, and I hear them making so much noise,” she said, noting their friend, Remi, was also in tow.

Kardashian shares both sons and daughters North, nine, and Chicago, four, with ex Kanye West.

Kardashian then went on to explain she had to ask her new boyfriend, now-former SNL cast member Pete Davidson for a history of who all the former cast members were so she didn’t make another mistake. She then started telling Fallon about North’s birthday party, but she was interrupted again by the kids.

“Guys, seriously. You gotta go!” Kardashian said. Psalm did eventually exit stage left, but Saint stuck around to watch his mom.

During a separate appearance while in New York on TODAY, Kardashian talked about introducing her kids to Davidson, saying she waited six months to make sure she felt good about the situation.

“I think it’s different for everyone; different things work for different people, and you just have to do what feels right and try to be as respectful and cautious as possible,” she said.

Kardashian handled the Fallon moment like any mom trying to work and manage her kids. Every mom knows the “frozen smile while trying to use a sweet voice” face. This is usually followed by the low finger snap and the “no lip movement threat under your breath” move when things get out of hand.

Peak mom.


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