Kraft’s Newest Mac ‘n’ Cheese Is Your Kid’s Unicorn Dreams Come True

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Your kiddo’s fave meal just got a major upgrade thanks to Kraft. Say hello to unicorn mac ‘n’ cheese!

By now you already know that unicorn everything is the hot trend of the moment, especially when it comes to your kiddo’s tastes. But don’t expect to find rainbow swirls, colorful noodles or cascades of glitter. Krafts’ new edition features the same cheesy goodness you’ve come to expect, but with fun new unicorn shapes.

Look for unicorns, stars and rainbows instead of the traditional elbow macaroni shapes. Even though the mac is different, the cheese is still the same Day-Glo orange powder packet your kids crave. Bonus? This mac ‘n’ cheese is also free from artificial preservatives, flavors and dyes.

Get your box (or four) of Kraft Unicorn Shapes Macaroni and Cheese at Target or Walmart.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Kaboompics via Pexels



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