Sparking water lovers can take a big exhale: the class action lawsuit against the makers of LaCroix, National Beverage from Oct. 2018 has been completely retracted with prejudice. The original lawsuit claimed that the “all natural” beverage has several artificial ingredients.

This week, National Beverage Corp. announced that the original lawsuit has been dismissed and all allegations including statements that challenged the labeling practices of LaCroix have been retracted. So what happened?

The initial lawsuit alleged that LaCroix products contained linalool—an ingredient also found in cockroach insecticide but is also a common food additive and component of essential oils found in many spices. The plaintiff, Lenora Rice has since recanted her statements in a new press release issued by team of lawyers.

Rice and her law firm withdrew and retracted all her claims, while admitting that the testing of LaCroix by her laboratory had no findings that the beverage contained any artificial ingredients.

A company spokesperson has responded, stating “This dismissal confirms our promise to demonstrate that these allegations had absolutely no merit and reaffirms that the Company delivers a pure and innocent product. This is a vindication of National Beverage and confirms the assurances we gave to our loyal following of LaCroix consumers, our customers and our shareholders that this lawsuit was baseless.”

—Erica Loop & Karly Wood

Featured photo: LaCroix via Instagram



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