It might be the toughest stretch of time for moms: postpartum. Between the lack of sleep, recovery from birth and adjustment to a new normal, the period after birth can be grueling—and lonely. But a new survey from Lansinoh shows you’re not alone if you’re struggling: 88% of moms surveyed said they weren’t prepared for the postpartum period and more than 95% think moms need more support from society.

Almost every mom-to-be has a birth plan, but not many have a plan for recovery. The survey showed that only 11% of moms had that plan, even though 90% recommended that new moms prepare for the days and weeks after birth. And there were common struggles that the group faced. Nearly 3/4 said that they were unprepared for breastfeeding, 66% cited mental health concerns and 65% said they weren’t prepared for the lack of sleep.

One word representing postpartum experience

Postpartum support is essential and support in the workforce is extra important, with 72% of moms currently working, according to PEW Research. This survey revealed that above all else, moms want stronger government policies for working parents, especially since the US is the only industrialized country without a federal paid maternity leave policy.

As fellow parents, we know how tough the transition to motherhood can be, even with all the magic it brings. That’s why we have thousands of articles with tips, tricks and hacks to make life with baby a bit easier. And Lansinoh also offers 100% insurance covered breast pumps to moms nationwide—just fill out a quick online form and simplify one part of postpartum.

––Sarah Shebek

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