14 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Totally Pull Off

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Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you again? This year we’ve got you covered with amazing DIY gifts. These last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to the number one lady in your life and let her know how appreciated she is. Keep reading to take your gifting to the next level.

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Do the Grocery Shopping

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This may seem simple, but this takes a load off of that person you love. Giving your person a complete break, especially from things like grocery shopping will mean so much and allow them to celebrate Mother's Day as they please.

Infused Olive Oils

These infused olive oils look amazing and taste even better. With flavors like rosemary, garlic, and lemon, we bet mom will want to get in the kitchen and try out her new ingredients (after Mother's Day). Grab the easy recipe by heading over to Just Putzing.

Breakfast in Bed

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Give mom something she’ll definitely appreciate: a few minutes of extra sleep. The kids can help make her a special meal, like a fancy breakfast sandwich or some yummy pancakes, then hand deliver it along with flowers and a card.

Order a Plant


Flowers are a classic gift for Mother's Day, but, this year, switch it up and order an exciting plant that will also become a piece of decor. 

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

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If mom’s got a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered with this gift that she’ll gobble up. Kids will love to help dip and decorate these chocolate-covered strawberries. The only challenge will be making sure they don’t eat them before they get to her!

DIY Terrarium

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It doesn't take much to make a sweet little green gift for mom. She can take it to work or keep it in her home office or display it in the living room. Stick with plants that are low-to-no maintenance like tillandsias. For more tips on making one yourself (plus several other gifts in a jar), click here.

Phone to Frame

Art.com via Facebook

Take a special photo or a snapshot or scan of your kids' best art and use one of these apps to get it off of your phone and into a wall-worthy frame in just seconds. It's one of the easiest last-minute Mother's Day gifts around. 

Footprint Notes

Christina Fiedler

This one is so easy even an exhausted new parent can take it on. It's incredibly cute and perfect for mom or grandma. To get tips on how to recreate it (big tip: don't let mom see the paint on the feet!) click here.

Take the Kids Out for the Day


While mom has the day, take the kids out to the park, a museum or somewhere they enjoy. Let mom do her thing while the kids get tuckered out.

House Cleaning

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We're not just talking about taking out the trash, we're talking about detailed, professional cleaning to get the house sparkling. Bonus points if you can schedule this as a surprise while mom is out: treat her to lunch on the Saturday before Mother's Day so the cleaners can come in, or schedule it while everyone is at work/school on Friday. The key here is to get it as close to Mother's Day as possible so the clean lasts! Brave enough to tackle this job on your own? Get the kids to help with a few tips.

Mint Mojito Bath Salts

Stephanie Gerber via Hello Glow

This bath salt recipe from Hello Glow is a two-step mix, and it's easy enough that the kiddos can help. To make this gift extra thoughtful, pair it with a few hours of peace, a nice hot bath and, of course, the muddled drinkable version of the mojito. For even more DIY gifts you can make mom, click here.

Flower Child

Mama Papa and Bubba

Giving mom the traditional flowers, living plant or seeds will have a more personal feel when you customize the pot with the cute prints of your littles. The challenge comes when attempting a perfect pair of wings, but Mama Papa and Bubba will show you the easiest way to get it done.

Washi Tape Photo Frame


Transform your plain-Jane frame into something colorful or coordinating with the aid of the world's finest craft item: Washi tape. Widely available at craft stores and even at big-box stores like Target, the array of colors and patterns is vast and the combos endless. The best part? It's as easy to apply as it is to remove so if you get bumps or go crooked, you can repair it and re-do it like a pro. And when you're done, try out some of these cute games and crafts with the leftover tape.

An Amazing Picnic

A mother and daughter cuddle while having a picnic on a blanket
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Feeling like brunch is so last year? Splurge on a picnic basket full of mom's favorite goodies and head one of her favorite botanical gardens or local parks. Surprise her by packing her current novel or a couple of magazines and take the kiddos on a romp around the park while she lounges in the sun with a full belly and a glass of wine/cup of coffee from the thermos you so thoughtfully filled. You can even go big by organizing a Moms' Picnic with a few other families and coordinating the picnic goodies on the sly. Don't forget to pack kid-occupying items like pens and paper, playing cards and bubbles to keep the kiddos busy enough that mom can relax.

—Taylor Clifton & Amber Guetebier

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