Considering a major purchase? Check out these savings on LG Appliances

Fall is (almost) officially here, and if you’re anything like us, you’re already planning everything for the -ber months. Halloween, holidays, travel, hosting—most of that happens right around this time. There’s a good chance you’re also looking around your house, knocking out small repairs, sprucing up here and there, and making sure you’re covered for all the upcoming celebrations and events. That includes hoping (and possibly praying) that our appliances and tools keep up with the overtime we’re going to ask them to put in this season. Believe it or not, though, this is the perfect time to upgrade your home. You don’t want to be caught with a non-working dryer or a vacuum that doesn’t take care of your crubs (there’s a lot of eating around this time, too, right?). Enter these sweet deals on LG Appliances.

We’ve searched high and low for great deals on laundry and cleaning savings, and LG Appliances are really delivering here (pardon the pun). In fact, we’ve pulled together some of the best options they’re offering right now. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re snapping these up sooner rather than later. These deals won’t last, and the most wonderful/busiest time of the year is right around the corner.

LG CordZero All in One Cordless Stick Vacuum

LG Electronics

This LG stick vacuum automatically empties the dust bin when docked to keep collected debris out of your home, out of the air, and off of your hands. Because ew. The filters are easy to remove and wash, plus you can use this beauty on your hard floors, too! See ya, dried leaves, crubs, pine needles, and whatever else your family throws at it. 

LG CordZero All in One Cordless Stick Vacuum ($899.00 $799.00)—Buy Here!

Mega Capacity Smart Front Load Washer

LG Electronics

Wash big loads in under 30 minutes? Sign us up. Thanks to the Turbo Wash feature on this LG washer, you can make it happen. Built-in sensors use AI technology to detect fabric texture, soil level, and load size, then automatically select the right wash motions, temperatures and more, so there's no more guessing. ezDispense auto dispenses detergent & fabric softener—fill the reservoir once for up to 18 cycles. And, with Smart Pairing, the washer can even tell the dryer to select a compatible drying cycle, making it the ultimate laundry hack.

LG Mega Capacity Smart Front Load Washer ($1,499.00 $1,199.00)—Buy Here!

LG Ultra Large Capacity Smart Front Load Dryer

LG Electronics

LG's Smart Front Load Dryer has a modern flat front design, black steel finish and tinted, tempered glass doors, so it's even easy on the eyes. The intuitive digital dial control gives you descriptions of each setting, helpful prompts, status updates, and remaining cycle time. It even has.a TurboSteam setting that refreshes clothes instantly. 

LG Ultra Large Capacity Smart Front Load Dryer ($1,499.00 1,199.00)—Buy Here!

LG SideKick Pedestal Washer

LG Electronics

This is one of our faves—it's a major level of brilliance. Wash two loads at one time when you add the SideKick Pedestal Washer to your set. For small loads that can't wait, intimates that don't take up much space, or handwash-only pieces that can't be washed with regular clothes, the SideKick can be used at the same time as your washing machine. It comes in 3 colors, too, to match your whole set.

LG SideKick Pedestal Washer ($779.00 $699.00)—Buy Here!

LG Pedestal Storage Drawer

LG Electronics

This is a next-level storage solution. A drawer build right into the appliance pedestal takes care of storing dryer sheets, detergent, and supplies. It comes in 3 colors to coordinate your set.

LG Pedestal Storage Drawer ($299.00)—Buy Here!

You can check out LG Electronic’s full line of washers and dryers, plus their vacuum collection, to find the perfect addition to your home. You’re due for an upgrade.


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