14 Perfectly Patriotic Plans for Your President’s Day Weekend

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President’s Day weekend is coming up fast and with another three-day weekend ahead of us, it’s time to find ways to not only keep busy but maybe learn a thing or two about our nation and founding forefathers. Not sure where to start? We’ve gathered a list of our favorite presidential to-dos so that you and your little patriots can spend the weekend eating, exploring and learning. Prepare yourselves for the most patriotic President’s Day weekend ever.

photo: The Autry via Yelp

Hit Historical Hotspots

Take a patriotic day trip to one of many different local spots that conjure up all the presidential feels. Like the Nixon or Reagan Presidential libraries for starters.

Visit one of the nation’s biggest western art shows at the Autry Museum. You and your little cowboys and cowgirls can view hundreds of pieces of art that do justice to our mountain’s majesty and rolling hills of green. Don’t forget to try your luck at panning for gold with your little 49ers. It’s always a hit with the littles.

Kennedy was president during the great space race and a visit to the California Science Center to scope out the Endeavor is the perfect way to see just how far we’ve come.

Pick a Patriotic day trip: These local adventures that will leave you saluting the red, white and blue.

photo: Jefferey R. via Yelp

Eat Your Way Through History

You can’t get more American than burgers and fries. Check out Shake Shacks latest location in Burbank to load up on some national favorites.

But don’t forget about dessert like good ‘ol apple pie. Visit your fav local spot for a slice (or whole pie) to go.

Of course, you can eat your way through a taste of Los Angeles’ many cultures at Smorgasborg LA. You never know what you might find at this popular monthly pop up in downtown Los Angeles.

The Great Outdoors

Venture out into nature and take advantage of our nation’s flora and fauna. Teddy Roosevelt, the founder of our nation’s great parks system, would be proud. Choose a day hike from one of our favorite destinations, some of which might have some waterfalls thanks to the recent rains!

Do you know what our state bird is? How about our national state bird? Go listen to Pomona’s local Audubon Society to learn more about our famous feathered friends.

photo: The Zimmer Museum via Yelp

One Nation, One Melting Pot

Learn all about Magna art with over 400 original drawings and storyboards from world-renowned artists at the Japan House. The gallery is centrally located at Hollywood and Highland complex, where you can grab a kid-friendly bite to eat after your art adventure.

Head on down to the Craft and Folk Art Museum for a tour through the new Exhibit Trinidad/Joy to learn about this nation’s great indigenous people.

photo: LoriCaliforny via flickr

Americana Kitsch

Make candles the old fashioned way, by dipping wicks into fresh bee’s wax. It’s relaxing and educational.

Get a real dose of American pop culture with a buy one get one free offer from Madame Tussaud’s. You’ll have to do a few double takes to make sure your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

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—Meghan Rose & Christina Fiedler

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