Spring has sprung, and for families in LA, this is hands down the best season for getting out of the house. With comfortable temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and the summer heat still a ways out, it’s the perfect time to embrace the outdoors with your tiny explorers.

Just hop in your car and head to Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena for an exciting roster of spring activities for kids ages up to ten years old. With the museum’s 28th annual “Butterfly Season” taking place now through May 19, kids can flutter into seasonal fun, including an immersive, butterfly art installation, bug-searching safaris, DIY crafts, butterfly garden planting, and more.

Keep reading for seven springtime adventures awaiting your little ones at Kidspace, and get ready to capture some Instagram-worthy moments!

1. Immerse yourself among butterflies

Surround yourself with breathtaking, handcrafted Monarchs with Kidspace’s latest art installation, “Butterfly Kaleidoscope.” This immersive experience takes your typical baby crib mobile to the next level. Just imagine a group of butterflies (a.k.a. kaleidoscope!) swirling above your head, which, of course, makes for a perfect Instagram moment. Did we mention the interactive sculpture is also made entirely of upcycled waste-stream materials?

2. Spin your partner round & round

Little ones’ favorite outdoor art installation is back at Kidspace. Titled “Los Trompos,” these life-sized spinning toy tops feature colorful fabric that is woven together like traditional styles created by Mexican artisans. But this installation isn’t just for admiring—kids are invited to climb inside and go for a wild whirl. Parents, your kids may never want to leave!

3. Find your favorite creepy crawler through a bug safari

It wouldn’t be a trip to Kidspace without a hands-on learning activity. This spring, your tots can join in on the search for eggs, caterpillars, and adult insects around the museum. All they have to do is bring their curiosity, while Kidspace will supply the magnifying glass and expert tips.

4. Help plant a butterfly garden

Budding naturalists can support seasonal pollinators, like butterflies, by growing plants that attract and feed them. Kids can grab a watering can and learn all about these amazing critters and how they help flowers blossom.

5. Create your own very hungry caterpillar

Where are all of our mini artists at? Kidspace has a fun and engaging DIY craft just for them. With kid-friendly modeling clay, children can create their own wild creature and even add seeds to sprout a fuzzy friend at home.

6. Adopt a caterpillar

Witness the wonder and awe of a tiny caterpillar transform into a majestic Painted Lady butterfly—right from your own home garden. With Kidspace’s caterpillar adoption program, you can raise and release a new pal for just $8. Adopt your caterpillar in person or online, then pick it up at the museum for a fun and educational experience the whole family will love. Your kids can also sign this cute adoption certificate for a sweet memento!

7. Dress up like a butterfly

Get ready to snap sweet pictures of your preschooler dressed up as their favorite fluttering pals. They can also sit in a faux chrysalis (the stage when a caterpillar is covered by a hard case before it emerges as a butterfly)—another perfect photo opp.

Reserve your tickets to Kidspace Children’s Museum for admission to the 28th annual “Butterfly Season,” happening now through May 19.

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