Maybe it’s the bright yellow exterior that lures you into TWEAK, or the buzz that has steadily generated about this adult and kid friendly “Giftery.” Perhaps it’s the sign posted on the front door that states, “Explore the store. You MUST touch everything. If you don’t you will miss out on all of the fun. If you accidentally break it, you must say sorry. We believe in good manners.” Or, maybe it’s the scent of chocolate chip cookies wafting through the open front door or the plastic gnome that greets you with a whistle as you walk into the store. At the very least, TWEAK piques your curiosity to enter and explore.

Leave it to owner and Giftologist, Tara Riceberg, to create such a warm, inviting, fun-filled space brimming with innovative products for adults and children curated from small business owners and designers whom Ms. Riceberg knows personally and is committed to supporting. Enter TWEAK and you are likely to be greeted by Ms. Riceberg, whose bright smile and sparkling eyes are reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly Golightly. Within seconds, Ms. Riceberg will have you touching and playing in her store and might even challenge you to a game of air hockey. Oh, and did we mention that her cousin is Paula Abdul? Sounds like a really cool place to shop, especially if you have kids in tow, doesn’t it?

Here are the top five reasons to shop at TWEAK with your kids:

  1. You are encouraged to touch and play with EVERYTHING.
  2. The store caters to kids. It’s merchandised in a way that kids have a safety zone to interact with items. Kids can push pint-sized carts through the store and fill them to the brim. Or, kids can ride Trunki suitcases using the aisles as their personal speedway. Vroom! There is a special kids sized table where kids can color and/or do arts and crafts. Once they are finished, kids can either take their creations home of post them on TWEAK’s walls.
  3. The store has an incredible selection of cleverly designed items for kids, while keeping parents in mind. Products include books, games and art all geared at being engaging, educational and eco-friendly so that both kids and parents can interact.
  4. The store carries decorative accessories for adults with kids in mind. Ms. Riceberg strongly believes that just because you have kids doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your adult style. Indeed!
  5. There is a selection of beautifully pre-wrapped gifts that you can grab-n-go! Really? Could it get any better than this?

Aside from its usual daily happenings like air hockey tournaments, wrestling men matches and dancing to tunes being emitted from a dancing penguin speaker, Ms. Riceberg enjoys hosting regular events including Game Nights and Wrap Parties. TWEAK’s next event, “Smart Kids Have Smart Parents,” will feature Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese Astrology Expert, Anita Rosenberg, who will lead a seminar on insightful inspiration and illumination about your children and your family dynamics.

TWEAK – The Original Giftery
8384 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca

— Wanda Ahmadi

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