Best Blogs of La-La Land

L.A. parents know better than anybody on this Earth that making the time to be there for

your kids, excel in your career and support your significant other, all while being healthy, fashionable and beautiful inside and out is…well, exhausting. Meet some SoCal moms and dads who are making it happen day by day with our choice for the best bloggers in Los Angeles.

My Mommy Bites
Dorothea Coehlo is the hilarious friend you’ll always want to meet up with for coffee and honest conversation. Her sharp, compassionate and self-aware blog tackles topics from lice and pink eye to Clinique facial moisturizer and potty-training tales, with plenty of comedic respites throughout.

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Short Fat Dictator
This woman has all the practical tips about child-raising you’d never have thought of and desperately need to know. She’ll share with you the wonders of open-bottomed onesies for quick late-night changing, then regale you with her own candid, embarrassing stories of motherhood. Learn something new and take relief in the shared knowledge that motherhood is a misadventure and a blessing.

Sassy Savvy Moms
Andrea Fellman’s offerings are tuned to perfection for busy moms who are smart women too, with lots of flair. Fellman seeks to help fellow moms be well informed, lively and chic, to experience the amazing commitment of motherhood and keep nourishing the individuality and personal goals that made them spectacular women in the first place.

The 818
Morgan Shanahan is sincere and energetic, combining no nonsense reality with compassionate advice. You’ll get cool info on nutritional cleanses and organization, read kooky anecdotes on family life, and also find honest, warm advice on delicate topics like post-partum depression and figure-friendly swimwear.

Bedtimes Are for Suckers
A more unique or hilarious parenting blog may have never existed. Written from the perspective of Andrea Levin’s five-year old daughter, Bedtimes showcases parental mistakes and choices from the perspective of the youngest member of the house. Witty, honest and uncomfortably sailor-mouthed, Levin’s blog will open your eyes to the viewpoint of your children.

Be the Smart Wife
This blog is a must-read for women committed to their love of their lives while facing the daily stress of reality and the arguments and compromise that can go along with it. Don’t despair in your lowest romantic moments, read on! For literally every marital question or conundrum you’re having, the solution is here.

Jessica Gottlieb
Jessica’s blog shares her daily life and insights that read like a conversation had while you power walk with a good friend. From waking up late to take kids to school to her devotion to instill personal worth in her daughter, you’ll feel like you’re sharing a moment with a gal you’ve known for years.

Girl’s Gone Child
Most enthralling about the blog are this breath-taking photos genuinely included throughout each entry. Thoughtfully crafted advice and ideas on style, whole body eating and a music showcase capture your interest while your eyes feast on the imagery of each subject.

Perfectly Disheveled
Jennifer Brandt describes herself as a “mom seeking to find perfection in the chaos,” and her blog is spot on. Sharing how it felt to be “900 pounds and pregnant in summer in LA,” giving tips on making extra Ebay cash and giving honest thoughts on posed family photos, Brandt makes you laugh and always shows you something new.

The Silver Whining
You will discover quickly that Jackie Morgan MacDougal is an amazing human being with a life story as rare as it is inspiring. One skim through her autobiography will tell you she’s one of thirteen siblings, a mother of three, adopted a daughter from Taiwan, promotes autism awareness and is breast cancer survivor. This woman has seen tragedy and triumph and her advice is a treasure.

Moms LA
This collaborative blog covers everything from fun holiday recipes to the body image and taking nude photos in ones 40s. Because the blog includes submissions from a wide variety of Southern California women, personal experiences and advice is as varied as it is inspiring.

Three Before Thirty
Informative and unassuming, this mom of three shares her stories without the cynicism infectious to so many lifestyle blogs. Learn about parenting in the autism spectrum and wealth of information regarding specialty nutrition, from gluten and dairy free food prep to paleo dieting and sugar reduction.

According to Kelly
Fit mom Kelly is a clearly optimistic woman with a zest for seeing the bright side of life. She’s run a half-marathon is a Disney princess costume, she makes hot chocolate ice cream floats she’s honest about the rigors of parenting. Her blog is as sunny and encouraging as it is funny and informative.

Adrienne’s House
“Make yourself at home,” is the opening suggestion at the homepage of this intelligent blog by Adrienne Van Houten. Politics, travel and book review populate this humble yet thought-provoking page, a little something different from the mass wealth of information on cooking, popular culture and personal life that the majority of blogs provide.

Angry Julie Monday
Photographer Julie shares her life and times through photos, illustrating how deeply images can speak louder than words. A favorite section is her Project 365 photography with iPhone and Instragram, taking photos for each day of the year.

Her Review
Her Review is a team effort of male and female writers of LA, offering a grand variety of topics from special events & local haps to organic food and beauty products. A treat of this particular site is the “Birthdays” section, with awesome tips and ideas to make someone’s special day like none other.

Beverly Hills Mom
Born and raised in the deep South, Alexandra came to the Hills in ’97 following dreams of interior design. Creativity, current events and a lovely son nicknamed “Critter” are the hot topics of this open, honest blog with lots of heart.

Scout Masterson and Bill Horn are immediately endearing. Cooking tips, tales of their beautiful daughter Simone and a clear look into their lives of rising about hate, repression and Prop 8 immediately bring them to your heart to stay.

Petite Planet
Green living and Earth love is the theme of this caring and energetic blog that’s taking “taking baby steps to toward changing the world.”From eco-friendly onesies to princess gowns made of recycled books, you’ll find something helpful to pick up today, while learning about the innovative ways designers are working to protect the future on a grand scale.

Beyond the Brochure
An incredible tool for parents applying to private schools in the LA area, this invaluable blog shares what you need to know, where you want them to go and how to get there.

Buttoned Up, Inc.
The Buttoned Up manifesto is ingenious and will have you at hello. ” Stop chasing perfection, focus on the 20% of task that are critical and learn to delegate effectively.” Did your mind just say,” Yes, please!” Read on.

Chaos Chronicles
A great compilation of motherhood tales and advice, an excellent and convenient feature of this blog is that you can listen to it in podcast form. No free hands or time to sit and read? Listen while you work.

Daytripping Mom
Where can I take the kids today? How much will I spend? Will there be diaper changing tables? The mission of Daytripping Mom is to answer all this and more, helping fun moms plan cool outings for their kiddos in Southern California.

Go Explore Nature
For kids living in the film and fashion capitol of the world, finding essential outdoor time in the LA county area can be an exercise in frustration. We all know getting into nature matters for all ages, and this blog is here to help you make that happen, with tips from travel plans and day trips to fun in your own backyard.

Eating Made Easy
While its the most natural and essential activity in the world next to breathing, eating habits and making sure everyone is well fed and healthy can be a great challenge of parenthood and adulthood in general. Relax and learn to feed one and all, stress-free, with this funny and well-informed blog by Amelia Winslow.

Nibbles and Feasts
This bilingual blog by Ericka Sanchez offers a vibrant look into how food is not only sustenance but a foundation of her culture, family and joy. Calories,  diets and unnecessary guilt tossed aside, this blog shows that food is not only vital to our existence but can be a glorious and satisfying part of sharing our lives together.

Fashionably Organized
Mother of three, Candace, loves DIY projects so much she confesses even her kids have come to love HGTV. This warm, helpful blog aims to aide modern moms on a budget locate fashionable finds, that’ll fit not only their figure but their limited time and budget too.

Glitterfelt Stories
You can immediately tell that Shelby Barone is a mother who takes it all in stride. With stories ranging from how her son accidentally shaved part of his head, to detailed information and recipes on gluten free family living, you’ll love her humorous take on reality as much as the helpful tips.

Hollywood Hot Moms
For moms that call tabloid and celeb gossip magazines their guilty pleasure, this blog welcomes the attitude with a mission of making it known that many stars are parents just like you. From family vacations to to potty training attempts, you’ll see how it’s done in a celebrity household while finding out we’re all not so different, too.

Jen’s List
Super mom of five boys, Jenn Levinson produces a free daily email and newsletter that keeps parents up to date on all things new, cool and undiscovered in the world of raising kids.

In Erika’s Kitchen
Erika’s self-described sum of her blog is perfect to a tee: friends plus family plus food equals life. Make elaborate dinners, easy meals or fast appetizers with this site that offers something for every tastebud.

Los Angelista
A chronicle of her life and times living in Los Angeles and current local events, this blog is as easy to read and heartfelt as a chat with a friend.

Mama Latina
This innovative blog offers has all the childcare tips you can dream of plus a comprehensive list of upcoming events in the LA area-but what takes the cake is that every articles is offered in both English and Spanish.

An uplifting and life-changing website, Mamavation seeks out mothers to attend 7-week online boot camps for weight loss and social media reform. Follow their struggles and triumphs as they empower themselves and learn to protect their families from the damaging physical and mental effects of obesity.

With answers for every question from what pediatrician is best to which private school is correct for your kiddos, this site is on top of everything you need in LA. Frequently updated events calendars, babysitter listings and fitness and style events keep busy moms beautiful and in the know.

Mommyhood to Hollywood
Michelle Rivera knows that even finding the time to put on mascara is one of the great challenges of motherhood, and she’s here to make your experience more manageable every day. With a host of ideas from how to empower young daughters to a quick at-home face mask to hydrate skin and lift spirits, this easy-to-navigate blog will bring a smile to your face and ease to your day.

Mom Reviews for You
This husband and wife pair review products, ideas, events and adventures, offering interpretations and opinions from each gender for a fair and balanced family lifestyle.

Practical Parenting
Authored by a child and family psychotherapist, this blog is on pointe with well-educated advice for family life. Sharing her holistic ideas, mediation strategies and her personal experience with infertility, this happily married mom of two is truly here to help.

Pure Natural Diva
Committed to a natural lifestyle, this blog hosts information on everything from green Valentine making to all the household ways to utilize lemons!

Rage Against Minivan
Probably one of the very few LA parenting blogs to mention the hipster mullet, Rage Against Minivan is anything but conventional. Marriage & family therapist, Kristen, is lovely wife of Mark and mother of four natural born and adopted children, within four years. Her well-organized blog is her self-described “coping skill” for life, offering everything from late night rants about poop and potty training to eloquent statements on race and religion.

Rockin’ Mama
Founded as a way to chronicle and share the life of her son, this site became a source of strength and inspiration to this mother of two. NICU nurse by day and blogger by night, Rockin’ Mama shares her laughter, tears and insights on family and motherhood, the most wonderful thing, she says, she’s ever done.

Romy Raves
Self-described beauty product junkie Romy is getting compliments on her skin at 41. Yes, she knows what she’s doing! With a masters degree in Counseling Psychology, fifteen years of focus group marketing research experience (she and her husband own a marketing research firm), she brings you the best and brightest of the beauty industry. Read this rave and save yourself you the hours of testing in the cosmetics aisle, and the fearsome wave of options that overwhelm women on a daily basis.

Sassy Mama in LA
Breezy and tropical, this SoCal site is the brainchild of Yolanda Machado. Bringing you fun ideas on anything from hot lipstick colors to healing red noses from too much cold and Kleenex, she’s as practical and she is fun.

Seven Clown Circus
This mother of five brings you tales from her sunny self-proclaimed big top of a home. Realistic, hopeful and joyous, this site will always bring a smile to your face and new parenting idea to your mind.

Smarty LA
SMARTY. is a website specifically for businesswomen and entrepreneurs in the LA area. Connect, network, share, innovate and bloom with a blog that means business.

Spanglish Baby
Best friends since college, moms Ana and Roxana quickly noticed a shortage of information for raising bilingual and bicultural children. Together, the two created Spanglish Baby, a means for Latino and American parents to raise well-rounded children who are passionate about their language and proud of their heritage.

SoCal Mom
LA native and mother of a teenage daughter, Donna Schwartz Mills has her own radio talkshow, MomoChat, great for the times when you’re all ears and no hands.

Taster Tots L.A.
This L.A. blogger, freelance writer and mother of two has expanded her fine dining critique portfolio. The mission of Taster Tots is to provide information on spots for kid-friendly meals, menu items they might surprisingly enjoy and little tips on how to get them to reach for something new.

Jolly Tomato
What should my kids be eating? How do I get them to eat healthy? At Jolly Tomato, these writers and researchers are first and foremost parents, seeking to bring back to fun to mealtime and while getting kids the nutrition they need.

The Vacation Gals
These three pro travel writers, moms and best friends know the power of girls who stick together. With everything from kid’s travel gear reviews to romantic getaways, these ladies know how important it is that families and spouses adventure together, and they’re here to make it easier, too.

Wendy Nielsen: Writing a New Story
With a title meaning “Wendy Will blog when she has time!” this blog is sweet, smart and informed. A rare feature of the blog is that she doesn’t discuss her daughter or husband, stating that privacy counts. From book reviews to a her experience with breast cancer, the optimistic, genuine Wendy will win your heart.

This style and design treasure trove of a blog is as colorful and current as it is informative and practical. Coolest camera bags, Levi’s Curve ID trials and hair coloring innovations are a few on the unlikely gems of information you’ll find at Whoorl. When all is said and done, try her 90 day no shopping challenge to see how you fare.

Educated as an IT architect, mom Eva Smith has combined her passions for technology, food and living life to the fullest into a blog that’s just cool. Sharp, upbeat and innovatibe, you’ll find a delicious recipe for Vanilla Panna Cotta with one click and information on the Latino Silicon Valley Conference with the next.

The Book Mama
The ability to read and a love of literature is a gift that when imparted, will benefit children for life. Give your kids the treasure of reading with this incredible book review site that helps you with everything from starting off the process to donating when you’re done.

Mommy to Mommy TV
What is vlogging? Taking your blog to the silver screen, or at least the computer screen, LA moms are teaming up to interview, review products and connect about motherhood. Every other Friday, catch what’s new and learn something too.

The Twin Coach
This a woman you want by your side. Having experienced divorce, infertility, career change, anxiety and more, Gina Osher is a woman who can relate. Her optimis, knowledge and hard-won joy bring inspiration with every article.

One Fabulous Mom
Musing from one mom to another, this sweet site takes life one day at a time. Find recipes, meditations, inspirations and celebrity laughs all in one lively site.

Girl to Mom
“Attempting to become a real live grown-up before my kid does” is Heidi Ferrer’s humorous and light-hearted mission in life. With a life story you must read to believe, Heidi is an expert at finding joy in difficult situations and making each day matter.

No Ordinary Momma
Seeking out her spot in life, this strong-willed momma with a zest for trying new things entertains and offers insight into life as we know it, or think we do. One thing you’ll always get with this blog is proper grammar as she states there’s just no excuse for common misuse of words such as to, you’re and their.

This awesome blog presents kids food education in a whole new light. Parents are encouraged to be honest, not sneaking vegetables but welcoming their little sprouts to be in the kitchen and learn about each step. Recipes are fresh and new each week, with video tutorials, information on farmer’s market shopping and tidbits to make it all as easy as can be.

–Genna McGahee


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