12 LA Moms Facebook Groups Worth Joining

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Working (and parenting) from home during a pandemic can be isolating and overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to vent, get practical advice or even give away gently used baby and kids gear, there’s an LA Facebook group for your to join. Read on to find that support and camaraderie are just a few clicks away in a local online group for parents.

Groups for Mom Support

LA Mommies
With 59 thousand members, this group is the biggest of the bunch, offering plenty of differing opinions and insights which can make for spirited discussions. LA Mommies is intended to be a supportive group and community for parents and caregivers. You can search for popular topics like giveaways, reviews of Covid-19. 

NICE Los Angeles Moms Supporting Each Other
As the name says, the most important rule governing this LA group is BE NICE. This group is a place to vent (no politics allowed), share and ask questions. The goal of the group is to help lift up other women, and the group's admins promote a spirit of kindness in their posts.

LA Moms Uncensored
This group takes a more irreverent approach to motherhood. It's a place for moms in the LA area to receive support, laugh, vent and connect. As they say of themselves, "Controversial topics are ok but don't be a dick."

Groups for Finding Expert Advice & Services

LA Peds and Parents: A Covid Kid Forum
When covid 19 first became a public health crisis, a group of Los Angeles pediatricians came together to figure out how to serve patients and their community. The doctors spent months supporting each other, and are now here to support parents! Ask your questions and they'll do their best to answer.

LA Tutors and Related Professionals
Overwhelmed with at-home learning. LA Tutors and Related Professionals is designed to connect families with local tutors, teachers, instructors and even healthcare professionals. If you're looking to form or join a learning pod, the group also helps connect like-minded families.

Los Angeles (LA) Nannies & Babysitters Exchange
This is a group to connect LA parents with caregivers, nannies and babysitters. Members can post if they're looking to hire a caregiver or babysitter, or want to recommend one to others. Worried about spam overload in the posts? No au pair agents, nanny agency, sales or personal business posts are allowed.

Groups for Selling, Donating & Swapping

Moms Helping Moms
This group is for donations only! Giving, helping, trading, receiving. This page is not a forum for airing personal problems of your own or another.

Los Angeles Moms Sell & Swap
Here is your chance to sell all those items you have laying around your house that you do not use! You can sell, trade, and swap to your hearts desire.

LA Parents Swap
This group is for Los Angeles parents living in the Westside LA, Mid City, and South & West Valley to buy/sell/give away baby and kid products they no longer need or would like to purchase. 

Groups by Neighborhood

Westside Moms
This group is very strict about its Westside requirements—your profile must share what exact city you are in or you will need to message an admin to be approved. With regular meetups (during non-social distancing times), the group aims to create real friendships among moms and their kiddos. It's also a great local resource for anything parent- and kid-related in Los Angeles. 

Pasadena Moms
The group is a place for moms in the Pasadena-area to connect, ask questions and support one another. You can use this group to get recommendations, tips and learn more about the area. And while it may be called Pasadena Moms, dads are welcome too!

San Fernando Valley Moms
All SFV moms welcome to join this group. It's the kind of place where you can ask for private swim instructor recommendations, and find the latest information on LAUSD school board initiatives (like a resolution to create public childcare pods on campus for homeless and foster youth and kids of essential workers).

For more hyper-local mom groups, search for your neighborhood on Facebook. 

–Shannan Rouss


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