5 Awesome Spots For Perfectly Pierced Ears

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Whether your daughter is two months or ten years old, getting her ears pierced can be a big moment, so it’s important to make sure you’re tykes tiny ears are in the right hands. We polled a whole host of LA moms, and the consensus seems to be that the pediatrician’s office is the best place to get it done. However, some doctors don’t offer this service, and some kids want this rite of passage to feel like a special occasion. So we’ve rounded up the best non-doc spots to meet this fashionable milestone.

Little Girl Getting Ears Piercedphoto:  Britt Reints via Flickr

Sharon Wollaston Ear Piercing
All the doc, none of the office!  If your own pediatrician doesn’t offer piercing (or you want this experience to  feel more special than an annual physical) but you still want to use a doctor, try Dr. Sharon Wollaston, a board-certified pediatrician who has 15 years of experience with piercing ears for children specifically. She is a certified Blomdahl Piercer, which means she uses a medical grade piercing gun and earrings. Dr. Wollaston offer’s a calm, relaxed environment in her home office, with a playroom to keep kids entertained.

Details: Piercings are done on weekends by appointment only. The fee is $140, which includes earrings.

11549 Chiquita St.
Studio City

ear-piercing-body-electricphoto: Lisa Z. via Yelp

Body Electric Tattoo and Piercing
Besides the pediatrician’s office, tattoo parlors are a close runner-up as best place to get your kid’s ears pierced in LA. While it may not seem like a place to bring kids, they take their sterilizing seriously! This spot has been around long enough that you may have even gotten your own piercing or tattoo here back in the pre-child era. This place blows every mall stand piercing shop out of the water in coolness factor alone, but it’s also impeccably professional, especially when it comes to handling kids. You won’t find any piercing guns here, only sterile, hollow-pointed needles and a great selection of top-grade jewelry. The piercers, including the owner himself, will really take their time to get the placement right and make sure kids are comfortable. The decor and clientele is definitely eclectic, however, so be prepared to answer some questions if your kids haven’t been exposed to the tattoo world.

Details: The starting price for babies is $180, which includes standard titanium studs and aftercare products. For kids, the cost is the same as adults, $130 .The shop is open daily from noon to 9:30pm. You can walk-in, but we recommend calling in advance to set an appointment. Weekdays are best since weekends can get pretty packed. Make sure to bring cash if you plan to tip, as they won’t add it on to a card charge. Parking can be a tough, like most every place on Melrose.

7274 1/2 Melrose Ave.
Fairfax District
Online: bodyelectrictattoo.com

ear-piercing-envyphoto: Envy Body Piercing

Envy Body Piercing
If you want to bypass the tattoo-side of things, then a professional piercing shop is another great choice. The piercers at Envy are all friendly, professional, and CPR certified. They have a huge selection of earrings and all the materials are medical implant grade. They will talk you and your little one through the whole process, giving you plenty of safety information.  We love that they suggest a follow-up visit to make sure that everything is healing properly.

Details: The shop is open daily from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and no appointment is necessary, but if you want a specific piercer (we suggest Yesi or Stephanie, who are great with kids) or don’t want a long wait it’s helpful to call in advance. You will need to bring identification in the form of a birth certificate. The fee varies based on the earrings you select, but the piercing service itself is $25 plus the cost of jewelry.

2615 West 190th St., Ste. 107
‪Redondo Beach
Online: envybodypiercing.com

ear-piercing-ancient-adornment-2photo: Ancient Adornments Body Piercing

Ancient Adornments Body Piercing
As his nickname suggests, Roger “Rabbit” Rodriguez, the owner and head piercer at Ancient Adornments is full of character and spunk that sets all his clients, especially young kids, at ease. The space is immaculate and clean, you’ll feel more like you’re walking into a super-hip doctors office than a piercing studio. No piercing guns here, they pierce with needles only and take their time to talk you through the process, measure and make sure the piercings are well-balanced. They have an awesome selection of tiny studs so your mini fashionista doesn’t have to be stuck with plain ones for the three-month healing period.

Details: Both locations are open Sunday-Thursday from 1 p.m.-9:30 p.m., Friday & Saturday from 1 p.m.-10:30 p.m. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and present a birth certificate in order to be pierced. They accept walk-ins or appointments. The cost of piercing is $32 plus the cost of earrings, which start at $50 for studs.

Two locations, in West Hollywood and Westwood.
Online: ancientadornments.net

ear-piercing-rothstein-2photo: Rothstein Jewelers Facebook page

Rothstein Jewelers Beverly Hills
If tattoo parlors and piercing shops aren’t your style, you can opt for something a little more traditional and make an appointment with Janet Rothstein at Rothstein Jewelers. Janet has pierced hundreds of children’s (and adults, including a few celebrities) ears over the last 20 years and you can tell in how well she handles nervous tots and makes the whole process painless (literally and figuratively). She uses a piercing gun and medical grade surgical steel studs covered in 24 karat gold. If your piercing novice is feeling anxious, check out the awesome video of a girl happily getting her ears pierced on the Rothstein website to give an idea of what to expect.

Details: Piercing is by appointment only on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. They book up quickly, but maintain a waitlist in the event of cancellations. The price is $49 including most of their earring options.

8950 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 209
Beverly Hills
Online: rothsteinjewelers.com

Where have you gotten your little one’s ears pierced? Share any great spots we missed in the comments!

—Shahrzad Warkentin