Need a little help with your holiday shopping for kids? From games and puzzles, to projects and one-of-a-kind gifts that kids (and their parents) adore, these are the best toy stores Los Angeles loves

Ranking the best toy store Los Angeles has to offer may come with some debate but if you’re looking for puzzles, games, crafts and more to give or just looking for some fun ways to keep little ones entertained, these favorite Los Angeles toy shops are worth your time and money. We all but guarantee these not-so-hidden gems in LA will have that one-of-a-kind, most thoughtful toy you’re looking to give. So whether you’re looking for a holiday gift, a birthday present for an upcoming birthday party, or just an excuse to celebrate your little ones—there’s a toy store nearby that will fulfill all your novelty gifting needs.

The Best Toys Stores in Los Angeles

1. Huzzah!

When it comes to toy stores, grown-ups want to have as much fun as the kids and at Huzzah! in Venice, you can. The mom in you will love the selection of alternative, non-mass market toys the store specializes in (read: no animatronic baby Yoda dolls making the same noise over and over), while the big kid in you giggles over the “grown-up toys” like a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure. Your toy-loving tykes can explore educational toys that are actually way cooler and more entertaining than they imagined.

Don’t Miss: Toys like the new and improved Speak & Spell learning toy from the '80s or their ginormous unicorn sprinkler are great ways to keep cooped up kids both educated and active (while having fun in the process). Huzzah understands that littles and parents alike are looking for new and interesting ways to beat boredom and have certainly risen to the challenge! 

2122 Lincoln Blvd.

2. Toy Crazy

The Brentwood Country Mart already exudes idyllic nostalgia, which makes it the perfect home for a quaint-feeling toy shop like Toy Crazy. These classic, timeless toys define inspired playtime and will remind you of your own childhood while being equally delightful for your pint-sized players. Every item for sale, from classic board games to unique outdoor toys, is meticulously hand-picked by the owner, and seasoned toy connoisseur, Melissa Moore, to ensure the most engaging, get-them-off-the-couch play experiences for your little ones (which is now more important than ever!).

Don't Miss: What's the only thing better than an awesome toy store? One that's right next to an amazing ice cream shop. Sweet Rose Creamery is right next door and is a must-stop for seasonal ice cream flavors and sundaes—may we recommend the Campfire? A sundae filled with salted caramel ice cream, a chocolate hardshell, torched marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs.

225 26th St.
Santa Monica

3. Miracle Mile Toys & Gifts

This neighborhood boutique toy store has all the stuff we love, along with a staff exceptionally well-versed in all the toys on hand. Here's where you can stock up on not-so-easy-to-find toys that you’ll kinda want to steal from your kids. Like the "Kid Activist" doll from the Lottie Dolls line, a 500-piece round "Women March" puzzle, or a set of hand-painted wooden "community helper" dolls made with sustainably forested wood and painted with non-toxic materials. 

452 S La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles

4. Tom's Model

More like a collectible shop than a full-on toy store, Tom's Model deserves a mention based on its cool factor alone. Known for their extensive collection of both common and rare Funko POPs (vinyl figures depicting licensed characters from your favorite franchises), this unique hobby stop also offers hard-to-find Lego kits, pop culture character backpacks, and even has a collection of battery-operated animal toys! Nestled into the heart of the DTLA toy district, Tom's Model certainly values function over form so don't expect to walk into a kid-themed play space. What they lack in store aesthetics, however, they make up for in selection and product knowledge. 

501 East 4th St.
Los Angeles

5. The Acorn Store

At this shop, in addition to a super friendly and helpful staff, you'll find a huge selection of high-quality natural, wood or natural fiber-based toys—it almost feels like you've stepped into a magical toy store in Switzerland but in reality, you've entered one of the best toy stores in California. In addition to dolls, dollhouses, wooden figures, books, and dress-up clothes, you'll also find arts and crafts, even puppets and yo-yos for hours of creative play.

1220 5th St.
Santa Monica

6. Treehaus

We love neighborhood spots that also give back to the community and Treehaus in Atwater Village is one of the best toy stores in California. This eclectic boutique started out as a pop-up shop in a vintage VW bus and has grown into a stylish hub with high-quality offerings. There's everything from organic baby rattles and DIY kits that let kids build to their heart's content to plush dolls that are so cute, that you'll absolutely allow your kid to bring home another to add to their collection. 

Don't Miss: Moms can stock up on their fashionable line of breezy culottes that are great for feeling lovely while lounging.

3153 Glendale Blvd.
Atwater Village

7. Yolk

If you're looking for cool stuff that appeals to all ages, this Silver Lake boutique store has a little bit of fun for everyone. From distinctive gifts and quality toys to kids' clothing and creative homewares, Yolk is the place to go for the kind of unique flair not generally available from mass-market stores. Stop in to snag a one-of-a-kind gift (Bonus: they do free gift wrapping on-site) and don't be surprised if you end up leaving with one (or three) things for yourself!

Don't Miss: Their line of adorably hysterical food-themed socks is a must-have (who doesn't need avocado socks in their lives?) and their girls' bathing suits are sure to cause quite a splash.

3910 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles

8. Kip's Toyland

Established in 1945, LA's oldest toy store is a must-stop for both locals and tourists. Located in The Original Farmer's Market, it is full of cool and fun finds for both kids and adults. And while it's not the biggest toy store in Southern California, you’ll still find a great selection of classic and retro toys. If you've been wanting to get a Lite-Brite—this is your spot.

6333 W 3rd St., Suite 720
Los Angeles

9. Dinosaur Farm

A unique twist on novelty toy stores in California, this Jurassic Era-inspired spot for T-Rex lovers is a must-stop and Dave, the owner, is all about helping foster that dino-love. Of course you'll find everything you need related to dinosaurs but if you're looking for something specific, and Dave doesn't have it, he'll track it down for you. Aren't a fan of those larger-than-life eating machines? There's a Pink & Purple Room, a book area, an infant area, and a science section and a game section. They take great care in stocking the store with unique, quality toys and encourage hands-on play in different parts of the store. 

1510 Mission St.
South Pasadena


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