Your go-to guide for trick-or-treating in Los Angeles—plus where to go see spooky-fun yard haunts and over-the-top decor

Whether your littles will be parading the streets as Barbie and Ken or Taylor and Travis this Halloween, we’ve got the scoop on the most fang-tastic neighborhoods in town to take them trick-or-treating. These spooktacular spots have everything – oversized candy bars, animatronic monsters, homemade haunted houses, mazes, and more witches than you can shake a broomstick at. And, if you want to get an early jump on all the frightful festivities, we’ve included some tricked-out yard haunts to get you in the Halloween spirit.

The Best Places to Trick-or-Treat in Los Angeles

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Trick-or-Treating Near DTLA

1. Silverlake 

The popular Silver Lake Halloween street party takes place along Armstrong Ave., and the best part is it’s closed to vehicle traffic, so you can feel safe gathering goodies. If you prefer a less crowded stroll, head to North Coronado St. between Sunset Blvd. and Scott Ave. Several houses level up the Halloween theatrics, yard haunts, and special effects. The rest of the neighbors also love to gussy up and greet the trick-or-treaters. Note: Parking is snug in the hills, so park on Sunset and walk up. Where: Sunset and Coronado.

2. Angelino Heights

Trick-or-treating on tree-lined streets filled with historic Victorian homes? Sign us up! Residents love getting into the fun while handing out impressive treats from their decked-out houses. It’s a parent’s photo op dream. You can also swing by the mansion used in the “Thriller” music video at 1345 Carroll Ave. And obviously, you have to do the zombie dance—we won’t judge. Where: Carroll Ave. and Douglas St.

Westside Trick-or-Treating

3. Santa Monica

Our fave spot for little goblins who tire quickly (read: complain endlessly) is Gillette’s Regents Square, where you can spare tiny feet a long trek and still load up on candy and costume compliments. Another swell spot (and another celeb haunted locale) in Santa Monica is 16th St.—north of Montana between Alta and Georgina. It can be a bit spooky for tots, so maybe save this one for older kids. Where: Gillette’s Regents Square

4. Pacific Palisades

This Palisades neighborhood is overflowing with parents, kids, and beautifully decorated Halloween houses. Some residents even get into the “spirit,” handing out wine and hot toddies to parents. We have your attention now—do we? The narrow Alphabet Streets north of Sunset (also known as North Village) are the most trick-or-treat friendly blocks, with street names that go in alphabetical order—perfect for remembering where you started and how many streets it will take to get back. Where: Monument and Bashford St.

5. Brentwood Glen

This pocket neighborhood just west of the 405 Fwy is ideal for toddlers enjoying their first trick-or-treat experience. The community is filled with lovely family homes located very close to one another, most of which have fab decorations. There are also several kid-friendly ‘haunted’ houses and very few cars. Plus, you can pop by the nearby Brentwood Country Mart for dinner before or after. Where: The ‘Alphabet’ Sts. between Church and Beloit.

6. Beverly Hills

One look at the famous Spadena House (the “Beverly Hills Witch House”) at 516 Walden Dr., and you’ll know you’ve come to the right place for Halloween. We highly recommend getting there 5-5:30 p.m. to beat the crowds. The flats of Beverly Hills make walking easy breezy, and big homes mean even bigger candy bars and smiles from your sugar-crazed brood. Where: Walden Dr.


Where to Trick-or-Treat in Mid City

7. Hancock Park

This picturesque neighborhood is known for its over-the-top decorations and extraordinary candy hauls, so it usually draws busloads of trick-or-treaters. These homes are seriously spookified from top to bottom, with homeowners treating Halloween like an Olympic sport. You may even catch an occasional celeb handing out candy here as well. Where: North of Wilshire Blvd.

8. Melrose

This sidewalk-friendly neighborhood south of Third St. and west of Fairfax is bustling on Halloween with plenty of doorbell ringing, candy-giving, and oohing and aahing over yard décor. Have a friend in the neighborhood? Hang at their house for pre-party shenanigans, then gather your loot in big groups. And most importantly, don’t forget an extra Reese’s for your darling parents—seriously. Where: Sweetzer Ave. and Drexel Ave.

Where to go Trick-or-Treating in The Valley

9. Sherwood Forest in Northridge

Not only can you take your little Robin Hood trick-or-treating in a mythical-sounding place, but this neighborhood usually goes all out with unique features, including a front lawn haunted maze and a Hogwarts-esque castle, complete with gargoyles. Where: Near the Valley Performing Arts Center, south of Nordoff and west of Balboa.

10. Burbank

This quiet neighborhood is home to many Disney folks who take Halloween very seriously. The homeowners here tend to go all out with decorations worthy of a movie set, and a few even set up haunted houses and shows on their lawns. But most of all, the friendly folks and swell candy make for a wonderful Halloween. Where: Mariposa and Valleyheart.

11. Studio City 

This modest neighborhood, just west of Laurel Canyon, is the go-to spot for families living in the surrounding hills. It’s like one big block party featuring homes decorated to the hilt with pumpkins galore, haunted scenes, and witches’ brews. Residents say that more than 700 little candy-gobbling goblins routinely make their way down these streets, so it’s a lively and fun atmosphere. Begin your pilgrimage on Mound View and fan out to the surrounding streets. Where: Laurel Terrace and Mound View.

12. Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake is the stuff of legends when it comes to trick-or-treating. Supposedly, Bob Hope used to personally give out full-sized candy bars at his home in the tiny neighborhood just off the 134 Fwy. We can’t vouch for the story’s authenticity, but Toluca Lake has jumped on the idea that they do Halloween better than anyone else. It’s hard to argue with that once you realize the neighborhood is closed to traffic, filled with tricked-out homes (loads of industry folk live here and love to show off their prop and set design skills), and there’s plenty of candy. Where: Toluca Estates Dr. and Valley Spring Lane.

13. Sierra Madre

We love this spot for its small-town vibe and gorgeous craftsman-style homes that always understand the assignment regarding elaborate Halloween décor. Also, being in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains means lots of trees and a chance for kids to scuffle through crunchy leaves as they make their way down the streets—providing a much-needed dose of nostalgia to East Coast and Mid-West parents. Where: Baldwin and Alegria.

Where to Trick-or-Treat in Pasadena

14. Old Pasadena

While the festivities in Old Pasadena can’t be topped with all the shops handing out candy, costume contests, and more, check out these two neighborhoods for some good old-fashioned trick-or-treating. Families are out in full force, pulling little ones in wagons while older tykes charge safely from house to house, filling their bags. Where: Monterey Rd. between Windsor Pl., Diamond Ave., Marengo Ave. and Fair Oaks.

Visit-Worthy Halloween Haunts in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a little appetizer before the main course on Halloween, may we interest you in a deliciously sinister yard haunt? These homes and locales are tricked out to the nines when it comes to spooktacular decor and homemade haunted house fun. Whether you drive by or stroll through them, they’re worth the trip. Make sure to check them out online beforehand to gauge each location’s scare level—some are fab for all ages, while others have freaky clowns…and we’ll just leave it at that.

1. Circus of Nightmares in Burbank

One word—clowns. Like waaaay too many of them. And man, do they have issues. This year’s Circus of Nightmares presents “Spectre,” which might be their creepiest event yet. Stop by this family-friendly(ish) display filled with evil clowns and other circus spookiness if you dare. Organizers promise to provide “extra frights” on weekend nights, so you’ve been warned.

Where: 113 S Brighton St., Burbank
When: Oct. 18-31 with live shows on 20, 21, 27, 28 and Halloween, Sunset-10 p.m.

2. Rotten Apple 907 Haunt in Burbank

This private home Halloween attraction started as a child’s birthday party and has grown to become a destination that has drawn in thousands of visitors for the past 30 years. On average, over 4,000 people walk through the haunted house doors yearly! This year’s attraction, titled “Let’s Go to the Movies,” is bound to garner stark raving mad reviews. Admission is free, but donations are requested to support the Volunteers of Burbank Animal Shelter.

Where: 907 N. California St., Burbank
When: Oct. 21, 22, 28, 29, 31 from 7 p.m.-10 p.m.

3. Beverly Hills Witch House

If Real Housewitches of Beverly Hills was a thing, there’s only one place the gals would park their blinged-out broomsticks—the Spadena House, a.k.a. the “Beverly Hills Witch’s House.” The fabled Tudor-style house was built in 1920 as a set for silent films, including Hansel and Gretel. With its steepled brown rooftops, exposed stone, and ramshackle shutters, it doesn’t need decorations; it’s Halloween-ready year-round.

Where: 516 Walden Dr., Beverly Hills

4. Yard Haunts in the Venice Canals

This four-block area goes all out for Halloween with pumpkins and twinkle lights strung along the canals and even some boats sporting ghoulish displays. The narrow walkways get crowded come Halloween, so you may want to check it out during the week when there are fewer people.

How to Get to the Canals: Park in the parking lot at the end of Venice Blvd. and walk south on the boardwalk to 25th Ave. From there, you’ll see a sign and a walkway for the canals leading you into the area.

5. The Holiday House in Mar Vista

This mind-blowing Halloween walk-through display is run by multiple computers and control panels and features animatronics, atmosphere effects, and theater-grade light fixtures. Entry is free but donations are welcome. On Halloween, the house will be handing out candy.

Where: 3547 McLaughlin Ave.
When: Sept. 9 – Nov. 2, 6p.m. – 10 p.m. nightly

6. Witch City in Santa Clarita

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. Witches abound at Santa Clarita’s Witch City yard display. This year’s show is more extensive and spookier than ever, with 13 custom witches, loads of animatronics, and creepy props.

Where: 25420 Via Jardin, Santa Clarita
When: Sept. – Nov. 1, 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. nightly

7. Sombras Cemetery in Santa Clarita

The residents of this forgotten cemetery are restless and disturbed. They could use a little company and are waiting just for you. (cue Vincent Price’s laugh here). This family-friendly graveyard display features lights, sound, moving props, and fog.

Where: 26041 Sombras Ct., Santa Clarita
When: Oct. 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31. Weekdays and Sun. leading up to Halloween are lights only, while all other days feature full effects.

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