Thanks to all the mom bloggers who share their motherhood journey with such

humor and honesty. Isn’t it great to read about other mom’s adventures, joys, wisdom and struggles from around the world?

At Red Tricycle we adore the LA mom’s online community and have put together a list of our favorite Mom Blogs from around Los Angeles that you should be following!

Perfectly Disheveled Jennifer Brandt’s humorous blog about her “mommyhood” adventures will give you a good laugh! Jennifer is also the managing Editor of Momversation, Parents Ask, and Good Bite.

The Silver Whining is a great blog from a brave mom Jackie Morgan MacDougal! Jackie is sharing her honest thoughts and her heart warming story. There is sure a lot to learn from her adventures as a mom or as a woman.

Girls Gone Child Rebecca Woolf, a hipster LA mom,  tells her adventure not just in words but with stunning pictures. Rebecca writes about everything from cool recipes to style and  she  also blogs at Momversation, (you can find some of her Momversation videos on her blog also), Her Channel and Portraits of an Economy

Jessica Gottlieb You might have seen Jessica on Dr. Phil or on other TV shows, she is also a panelist at Momversation and you will enjoy her stories about motherhood, family life or even professional consulting.

Be the Smart Wife is a blog by Carin Goldstein who is a wife, a mother, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Carin’s mission to re-educate wives so that ultimately, women are making “smarter” choices. She also a contributing expert for ParentAsk.

Bedtimes are for Suckers Andrea Levin’s blog is written by her 4-years-old daughter Lily’s perspective. It is always good to try to see thing from the other side.

The 818 Thanks to those New Year’s resolutions, Morgan Shanalan starts writing about her personal life and her interests in here. If you like art, design and Pop Culture you might want to check out her blog!

Savvy Sassy Moms is an online destination for all things fashionable and fun for moms, babies and kids by Jenna and Lisa.

Short Fat Dictator this is a hilarious blog by Margaret Ables! You’ll love reading her family adventures, big laugh is guaranteed;)

My Mommy Bites a funny humorous mom observations by Dorothea Coelho.

Did we miss your favorite local blogger? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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