Considering Where To Give Birth? Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach Provides Expert Care All Under One Roof

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You’re pregnant—congratulations! With all the excitement that comes with the anticipation of meeting your new baby, there are so many things to think about, from your registry to names and beyond! Deciding where to have your baby is one of the most important choices you can make. Frequently moms think about comfort factors like private rooms and amenities and skip one colossal detail: Is the hospital equipped to care for you and your baby if something doesn’t go as planned during the birthing process? For all of these reasons, we love MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital because of their maternity and pediatric sub-specialists available 24/7. With everything you and your baby need under one roof, you can rest assured that no matter the circumstance, you will have the absolute best care at all times. Read on for five reasons why you need this hospital on your radar now.

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1. From High-Risk Pregnancy To Unexpected Complications, They Have Your Back

MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach is the only regional hospital that delivers comprehensive maternity and pediatric care under one roof. Miller Children’s & Women’s has maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists on-site 24/7. The Cherese Mari Laulhere BirthCare Center is equipped to handle routine to high-risk pregnancies, so if delivery isn’t routine, your baby is moved just down the hall to the level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to receive specialized care.

At other hospitals without these capabilities, your baby would need to be transported—separating you from your newborn. Miller Children’s & Women’s is home to the largest Small Baby Program in the region and cares for the tiniest premature infants, often weighing less than 2 lbs., in a serene environment that mimics a mother’s womb. If you do give birth to a premie at another hospital, Miller Children’s & Women’s Access & Transport Center is available 24/7 to bring expecting mothers and premature infants to Miller Children’s & Women’s from surrounding area hospitals.

2. All-In-One Comprehensive Care

Miller Children’s & Women’s has sub-specialty physicians who underwent additional training to handle the complexities of high-risk pregnancies, prematurity and neonatal care, including maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists and OB hospitalists, that are available 24/7. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your baby will get the best possible care, no matter the situation, takes all the "what-if's" out of the equation so you can enjoy your pregnancy and newborn! In addition, Miller Children's & Women's has been recognized by the California Health & Human Services Agency, Hospital Quality Institute and Cal Hospital Compare with the 2020 Honor Roll Award for Maternity Care for achieving the statewide cesarean section rate of 23.9% or lower for low-risk, first-birth deliveries.

3. For Postpartum: A One-of-a-Kind Children’s Care Center

Miller Children's & Women's care extends beyond babies to kids of all ages, including NICU graduates. The High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program at the Stramski Children's Developmental Center provides extensive follow-up care to infants discharged from the NICU. This program allows parents to learn more about their baby and ways to help their baby develop. Earlier this year, Miller Children's & Women's opened the Cherese Mari Laulhere Children’s Village, which is the only building of its kind in Los Angeles and Orange Counties with a one-stop-shop approach to outpatient specialty care for kids. In one kid-friendly location, families have access to 30 different types of specialty physicians, a pharmacy, laboratory, imaging services, rehabilitation gyms, family resource center, education center and more.

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4. Highly Specialized Care—With a Proven Track Record of Success

MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach provides specialized pediatric care for children and young adults, as well as maternity care for expectant mothers. Miller Children’s & Women’s is one of only eight free-standing children’s hospitals in California—treating more than 14,000 children each year—and has become a regional pediatric destination for more than 65,000 children who need specialized care in outpatient specialty and satellite centers. The BirthCare Center helps more than 5,500 families welcome babies into the world each year and cares for more than 1,200 babies in the NICU.

5. All of the Birthing Amenities You Could Want

Not only is Miller Children's & Women's hospital top-notch care for your newborn, but they make sure parents feel supported in a family-centered care environment—which is so important. They offer all private rooms for the entire birthing experience and other comfort amenities, like allowing your partner to stay the night, to make your hospital stay welcoming your new baby the absolute best experience. The private rooms are spacious with large windows bringing in natural light, bringing quality and comfort under one roof. Not to mention, they have expert physicians and comprehensive lactation support. 

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—Jamie Aderski