Creepers, survival modes, the Nether, Steve; if you’ve heard these terms floating around your house, you might have a Minecraft fanatic, er, enthusiast on your hands. Here are our favorite Los Angeles locations where kids can get crafting and moding at camps, parties and workshops.

photo: SuperLeague Gaming

Minecraft Rules at Rolling Robots
Minecraft Party Palooza
Host the ultimate party for your Minecraft loving kid at any of Rolling Robots three Los Angeles locations. Your aspiring gamer and pals can explore the expertly built Rolling Robots Minecraft server while pros help newbies and experienced players alike wade through survivor mode and pick up some new techniques along the way, like creating your own survival packs. If this all sounds like Greek (geek?) to you, you’re not alone. Parents are welcomed to join in on the fun, pick up a controller and play along. You might just get hooked; you’ll definitely get cool parent points.

Yearlong Minecraft Camps and Classes
If just a few hours at a party isn’t enough, try sending your little Minecraft maniac to a week long camp or a day long class. Level one lets builders learn all about the world of Minecraft from the bottom up. They’ll learn to build villages, spawn farm animals, fight zombies, and more. Level two slowly integrates coding (yes, coding!) into the mix by showing builders how to change the appearance of their characters (a.k.a. modding) and the game through JAVA script.

Good to know: Take advantage of the sibling discount and drop everyone off at one location for summertime fun. Half and full day camps are available.

Locations in Palos Verdes, Glendale and West LA

photo: SuperLeague Gaming

Big Screen Minecraft with SuperLeague Gaming
Forget about playing Minecraft on a teeny handheld device; try playing on a larger-than-life movie screen. Created by dads who love Minecraft as much as their kids, Super League Gaming has combined forces with AMC, Regal and Cinemark to turn theaters into giant interactive gaming arenas during a four week Minecraft tournament. Kids bring their laptops and connect to the super league server, and then real time play is projected onto the big screen. These game-offs happen on a continual basis, with locations and starting dates varying.  Check the website.

Good to know: Don’t worry if your child is new to Minecraft. Member’s of the SuperLeague’s Action Squad will be available to walk your child through any on screen issues for a frustration free week.


photo: Digital Dragons

Parties and More at Digital Dragon
Minecraft Mania Camp for Newbies and Beyond
The motto at Digital Dragon is “learn how to create tech instead of jut consuming it,” and that’s exactly what your kids will be doing here.  At either summer week-long camp sessions or during the year at weekly classes, kids will explore the digital Minecraft world and encounter rare finds like ender dragons and withers. More advanced Minecraft fans can use modding to mold the game into their own unique version with new skins, textures, creatures, machines and maps. Just don’t tell them that they’re actually learning the basics of coding and computer science. Check the website for class and camp schedules.

Party Like Steve
It’s Minecraft as far as the eye can see, if you choose to have your birthday party at Digital Dragons. Think Creeper centerpieces and Steve themed cupcakes. Top it all off with the ultimate Minecraft tournament with your best buds. From Minecraft games to hands on crafts, it’s a full blown block building extravaganza.

3026 Nebraska Ave.
Santa Monica

Bonus: Explore Los Angelcraft
Ever wonder what our city would look like if it were made entirely out of Minecraft blocks? Los Angelcraft takes you on a tour of Los Angeles as build through the eyes of a Minecraft fanatic. All the landmarks are there: Gruaman’s Chinese, L.A. Live, the Santa Monica Pier and more. Log on and see what you can spot…


What are your favorite Minecraft inspired camps and classes? Tell us in the comments below.

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