Looking for new ways to entertain the kids outdoors? We’ve got a nature-meets-suburbs scavenger hunt just for Angelenos. Get ready for a social distancing-friendly walk around the block—and see how many of these critters, plants and objects you can spot along the way.

1. Make a Wish

Whether you consider them a weed or a wildflower, these plants are regulars on lawns around town. Kinds can search for the white fluffy blooms and wish away!

Fun fact: It takes one to two weeks for the yellow petals of a dandelion to evolve into the delicate wisps (actually seeds) that carry wishes. 

2. Butterfly Effect

Ian Lindsay via Pixabay

While the peak of butterfly season typically ends in March, you may still be able to spot some of these winged beauties this month. 

Fun fact: Painted lady butterflies (with their graphic orange and black wings) migrate from the deserts of Mexico to the Pacific Northwest in spring. 

3. Buzzing Around

Busy little honey bees can be seen circling flowers this time of year—just make sure kiddos keep a safe distance. 

Fun fact: Lavender is a favorite of honeybees. (Of course, If you're bee-averse, you'll want to steer clear of the purple blooms.)

4. Getting Antsy

Little ones are experts at finding ants. And it's the perfect chance to make use of that magnifying glass. 

Fun fact: Ants are one of the strongest creatures, able to lift 10 to 50 times their weight! That would be like a toddler lifting a horse. 

5. Critter Connection

Mike Desisto via flickr

Keep an eye out for squirrels scurrying up trees, balance on power lines and darting across lawns—or even sunbathing in the park

6. Think Pink

Bougainvillea's bold, fuchsia blooms are a commons sight in LA—and they make for a great photo op. 

Fun fact: The largest bougainvillea was planted in 1902 and is still growing today in the city of Glendora in LA county.

7. Hoop Dreams

Live in the sprawling 'burbs? Count how many basketball hoops you see on your excursion.

8. Rock On

Chances are you'll spot one of these drought-tolerant "lawns" before you round the block. The low-water landscaping is quintessential LA.

9. Humming Along

Tom Benson via flickr

According to the L.A. Nature Map (which lets you share your own pictures and sightings), hummingbirds abound around LA right now.

Fun fact: In addition to being able to hover mid-air and fly straight up and down, the amazing hummingbird can also fly backwards, . 

10. Hi, Hydrant!

And you thought fire hydrants were red? Nope. Turns out LA's public hydrants are yellow, and you can find them every block or so. 

Fun fact: Red hydrants are actually designated for private use and have much less water pressure than their yellow counterparts.

–Shannan Rouss


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