Searching for maternity clothes can rank right up there with jeans & swimsuit shopping. Must it be tent-like to be comfortable?  Finding something that fits for all nine months and looks stylish is like winning the pre-& post-partum jackpot. Mom’s the Word, a new Mid-City high-end maternity shop, saves the day with fashionable finds that you’ll want to wear through out your pregnancy − and beyond.

The Low Down
The first thing you notice when you walk in the shop is that the pants, skirts, dresses and tops that  line the walls are all things that you’d want to wear even if you weren’t pregnant. The store works from the premise that each piece will be a great addition to your wardrobe, no matter what stage of life you are in. In fact the stretchy, deep blue Page Denim maternity pants were so cute, we spied the sale clerk (not pregnant) wearing them the day of the opening.

While the prices are more in line with J. Crew and Banana Republic than Target, it’s well worth it to feel fantastic for those months when you can’t see your own feet.  And if paying full price for clothes you’ll only wear for a few months is still a sticky point, browse in the store, and then shop online.  We found that the online sales section offers even more variety than the in-store one.

Bump and Beyond
Slightly bigger sizes of your favorite clothes are great for that first stage of pregnancy when people might not be sure if you are pregnant or just had a large lunch. But then you move beyond to serious bump stage, and comfort becomes key.  So much so that it’s tempting to sacrifice fashion, but then you end up feel seriously frumpy.  Happily, all the pieces here are completely fashionable and time tested, so you’ll feel great at every stage of pregnancy, and will hold on to your favorite pieces even after the bump becomes baby.

So what were our favorite finds? Awesome nursing tees that were anything but plain and baggy, ruched light weight sweaters in a rainbow of colors, and jeans for every body type. Oh yeah, and dresses that won’t make you look like you threw on a tent. Bonus points for a few pairs of hard to find Chewbead bracelets and necklaces.

Got your other kidlets in tow? Bring them along for the ride, and they can sit a spell on the furry white rug and play with a few toys and flip through board books. Or you can always try bribery (hey, it works) and take them for a treat at Swedish candy shop, Sockerbit, next door or for Carmela Ice Cream, further up the block.

Mom’s the Word
7952 W. 3rd Street, Mid-City 
Los Angeles
Phone: 323-879-9838

-Christina Fiedler

Moms, where is your favorite place to shop for cute comfy maternity clothes in Los Angeles? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Christina Fiedler

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