New Opening: How Good? Cookie Good.

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Cookie Good, the catering cookie outfit with a following that put the “fanatic” in fan, finally went brick and mortar. There is now a place (specifically, that place is on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica) where you can pop in and get them one at a time on a whim, instead of pre-ordering by the dozen.  In flavors made to woo the kid in us all, with top-notch ingredients to please the adults, cookies have never been so good.


There’s good. Then there’s Cookie Good.
From the minute they see the first neon pink topped cookie, the kids are goners.  But parents love it too, because once you peek past the add-ins, all you’ll find is top notch goodness. With Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla to chocolates from Callebaut & Guittard and AA sweet creamery butter, the ingredients are the best of the best. And no matter how great the building blocks, they combine in an end result that is even better. In the name of research, we tasted our way through the menu and can happily report there’s nary a clunker.  And with this many flavors, that’s saying something.RTCookieGoodflavors

Is that a birthday cake in my cookie?
That is Birthday Cake. And that is Caramel-Pretzel. And Frosted Flakes.  Hot Cocoa. Red Velvet. And yes, those are S’mores. Cookies.  All of these beauties are the invention of a baker not afraid to think outside of the chocolate chip (though there is classic Chocolate Chip Cookie, and it is nothing to sneeze at). Their recent holiday flavors married Oreos and candy canes (in a cookie!), put hot cocoa in the cookie and came up with a knee buckler of a rugelach. In. The. Cookie. Kids don’t know what to sample first.


Bar None
There’s not just cookies; brownies and bars abound too.  Those come in flavors like Banana Cream Pie Blondies, Butterscotch Blondies and a Sticky Toffee Pudding Bar. Got gluten issues? Bring ‘em. There’s a whole dedicated Gluten-Free menu, boasting bars, blondies and cookies.   Everybody exits feeling cookie good.

Danger: Don’t Fall In Love With That Flavor
They rotate them regularly, so you may just have to be all right with Peach Cobbler Cookies one month, Pancakes & Bacon Cookies (uh-huh) the next. The Churro Cookie may line them up around the block today, but so will next month’s Glazed Donut Cookie and Jr. Mint Cookie. But never fear, if your kiddos has a birthday coming up and their favorite flavor isn’t on the menu, you can phone it in. They’re taking and baking orders.  RTCookieGoodcircus

Good Begets Good
Cookie Good is the collective brainchild of Melanie and Ross, the darling husband wife duo who have done their time in the trenches before emerging as cookie royalty. What began as a delivery only operation drew such a fan base that they had to have a storefront, which opened up at the end of 2014 with stellar holiday flavors just in time for Christmas and Hanukkah.  That they’re parents is obvious from their flavor choices.  And Melanie has 20 years of breast cancer survival under her belt, so every October they donate proceeds from their sales to the Breast Cancer Care & Research Fund. Survival, sweetness, and celebrating a brighter future—they’re baking it up from their family to yours.


Dough for Show
Cookies and a show? Kiddos will go bananas when they feast eyes on the open kitchen: a full floor to ceiling glass window that enables and invites gawking eyes to observe the magic behind the making and baking. One might say you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen a massive mound of Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chunk Cookie dough.


Milkin’ It
Baked goodie flavors aren’t the only innovation here: cereal flavored milk is whipped up to wash it down. Changing regularly like their cookies, whatever’s on tap, just say yes. Remember how good the milk would taste once the Cinnamon Toast Crunch was all gone? That’s what they’ve done. Know how it’s not as easy to get them to drink their milk anymore? Problem solved.RTCookieGoodmilktasting

One Last Magical Thing: Easy Parking
Kudos to them for landing the Westside Moms Most Envied Location, smack dab across from Douglas Park (that pretty little one with the ducks and turtles, jungle gym and skateboard area), a block away from The Pump Station, with easy and ample parking down Chelsea or at The Wilshire (restaurant) mid-day. Parking’s not a problem, and a spot to shake off their sugar high is basically built in. Simplicity in the city? Say it is so.

Cookie Good
2448 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, Ca 90403
Phone: 424-280-4100

We’re not even asking – we’re telling you this is your favorite new cookie spot.  But what we do want to know is: what’s your favorite flavor?  Let us know in the comments below!

-written and photographed by Jolie Loeb