Pink It Up: 9 Ways to Celebrate National Pink Day

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Piglets, cotton candy, flamingos and bubble-gum…what’s not to love? No doubt about it, pink is more than a color. It’s an attitude. A little bit decadent, a little bit rock n’ roll, and a whole lot happy, the playful hue is an instant boost of inspiration. If your kiddo has a passion for pink, then you’ll be thrilled to know that June 23rd is National Pink Day. It’s time to evoke that classy lady Audrey Hepburn and repeat her words: “I believe in pink.” You know what? We do too. So we’ve gathered some fun ideas on how to celebrate the rosiest of colors on this special day.


Pink Eats
It wouldn’t be a holiday without food, so here are some yummies to enjoy (kids will love munching stuff that matches the color of their tongues!)

Pink’s Hot-Dogs
It’s an LA institution. And hot-dogs are certainly pink, and delightfully plump! There’s usually a long line, but that’s part of the tradition. It’ll be worth the wait when your kid sinks into a bite of LA history.

Where: La Brea at Melrose


Another LA go-to spot, especially on a hot summer’s day. Get a Pinkberry smoothie or go the more traditional route and order the strawberry flavor with fresh strawberries on top: it’s swirly pink goodness.

Where: Locations all over LA, check website for details.

pinkberryviayelpSprinkles Cupcakes
This spot is the perfect place to go for a sweet treat. (Oprah even said so, and who are we to contradict Oprah?)  Order the strawberry cupcake, which is made with ripe strawberries pureed into the batter and frosting. If you’re into baking, grab an apron for you and your kiddo and watch how it’s done here, with a complete how-to guide from the founder of Sprinkles herself.  You may be inspired to whip up your own batch at home. (Or make a feast of it, by whipping up a whole meal of pink foods…)

Where: Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, and the Grove


More cupcakes?  Yep.  Because we’ve got three kinds of pink here: food, decor and lighting.  Created with kids in mind, this Pasadena eatery offers mini sizes for your mini-me and biggie sizes for you. (Or a mini or three for you as well – they might be too cute to pass up.) Order the strawberry shortcake flavor and chow down as you admire the pink walls and pink chandelier.

Where: Pasadena


Pink Sips
Because you’ve got to wash down all those pink tasties…

Jamba Juice
The secret menu at In-N-Out is so old news.  But did you know about the secret menu at Jamba Juice? Kids will totally dig the idea of ordering “off menu”…it’s like being a part of a special club. Order the Pink Starburst flavor and your kids will be presented with a healthy pink smoothie. Mom’s happy, kid’s ecstatic.

Where: Locations all over LA, check website for details.


Millions of Milkshakes
There’s a hot pink awning outside and a pink menu board inside to match. Your pink aficionado will swoon at all the sweet options. You can design your own fantastic shake (strawberries or cherries will keep it pink and relatively healthy, but sprinkles, gummies and other candies do the trick too, if you’re feeling decadent) or order from the regular or “celebrity” menu. If Mama’s in need of a pick-me-up, they also sell Mr. Pink Ginseng drink (a caffeine-free beverage). After your milkshake munchkins have finished slurping, take a short walk to West Hollywood Park and let them run the sillies out.

Where: Santa Monica Blvd at San Vicente

If you’re looking for more juice, less smoothie/milkshake, try Liquid on Melrose. It’s all natural, organic and raw, so you’ll feel good about downing all the fresh combinations. Order the Pink Aslyum: you and your kiddos will go crazy for it.

Where: Melrose at N. La Jolla Ave.


Cotton Candy
If you really want a pink treat, those clouds of fluffy spun sugar don’t get any pinker, prettier, or sweeter.  No circus, no problem!  Check out Tasty Clouds in West LA. You can go in person to pick up a few tubs from their retail store, or you can place larger orders online. The flavors are made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. We love that Nina, Tasty Cloud’s owner, was inspired to start her company after some serious pregnancy cravings for fresh cotton candy. She couldn’t find any in LA, so she bought a machine and set about creating fresh new tastes herself.  You can choose from 24 flavors, but of course today we suggest the “Pretty in Pink” for the kids, and if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try the “Berry Caliente” (a strawberry flavor with a jalapeno kick, offered in “mild” to “wild” strength) for you.

Where: 12325 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA


And finally…
Since pink is the color of breast cancer awareness, we can’t celebrate Pink Day without celebrating women’s health.  So winks, sugar and silliness aside, we’d like to remind all Moms to take care of themselves, set a great example for their kids and get regular check-ups. Pink Lotus in Beverly Hills is an excellent choice, with skilled doctors and a friendly staff.


May your Pink Day be viewed through rose-tinted glasses. Tell us how you celebrate!

–Elena Wurlitzer

Photo credits: Elena Wurlitzer, Yelp via Sharon S.,, Poul-Werner Dam via Creative Commons, Stuart Webster via Creative Commons, Bill Ward via Creative Commons, Sharon Mollerus via Creative Commons and Tod Morris via Creative Commons.