The annual St. Jude Walk/Run is bringing together the community in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

For Jessica Burpee, participating in the annual St. Jude Walk/Run in Southern California all started because of three things: an aspiration to give back to local families in need, a witty team name, and a fun T-shirt design.

Together with her husband, two young daughters, family, and friends, Burpee formed the “Holy Walkamoles”. And, as you may have guessed, their team uniform is adorned with an adorable illustration of a walking avocado with angel wings and a halo.

For over a decade, the Holy Walkamoles have come together for the St. Jude Walk/Run, a family-friendly 5k event that takes place every year within over 50 cities and 25 virtual communities during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

In support of St. Jude’s life-saving mission of finding cures and saving children, Burpee and her team have raised more than $30,000 since joining. Their contributions have earned them a ranking within the top 10 fundraising teams within the Los Angeles region.

But Burpee and her husband haven’t stopped there. The couple, who own Pride Public Adjusters, are also corporate sponsors, donating another $18,000 to St. Jude.

“It’s something that came into my heart and soul,” the Torrance-based mom of two said. “Once we made that decision to do as much as we could for St. Jude that was it. That is the mission.”

This year, the Holy Walkamoles, along with thousands of supporters and 173 teams within the community, are lacing up their shoes once again for the St. Jude Walk/Run on Saturday, September 23 at Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach.
For Burpee, the St. Jude Walk/Run event is one of her favorite experiences, which she credits to the “the crowds” all coming together for the same mission.

“The last thing that a parent should be worrying about is the hospital bills. All they should worry about is their baby and that is it,” said Burpee. “The fact that St. Jude can do this is beyond amazing, and it just makes me have all this faith in the world, in humanity and everything that is around.”

Want to learn more about the St. Jude Walk/Run? We’ve got all the details below on event information, registration, and more!

When & Where is the 2023 Southern California St. Jude Walk/Run Taking Place?

The event is being held on Saturday, September 23 at Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach.

How Can I Sign Up?

Head to St. Jude’s website and register as a virtual or in-person participant—for free!

Can I Register as a Volunteer?

The St. Jude Walk/Run event always welcomes new and returning volunteers. When registering, select the “Volunteer & Fundraise” option and see a variety of opportunities ranging from joining your local event committee to volunteering for event day.

What is the Mission Behind the St. Jude Walk/Run?

In 2012, President Obama proclaimed September National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, as childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for kids under the age of 14.

As a result, September marks the time of year when St. Jude honors children and survivors affected by pediatric cancer, while raising awareness for continued research and treatment.

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