It’s the Bomb! Where to Try the Latest Viral Dessert Craze in LA

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In case you haven’t heard, marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombs are the current “it” dessert. (Just add hot milk and stir—watching them open up and melt is half the fun!) Plenty of local pastry pros and chocolatiers have added the sweet, Insta-worthy treat to their menus, and you can order them all online for pick up or delivery. There are heart-shaped Valentine’s day hot chocolate bombs, red and gold Lunar New Year’s bombs, even white chocolate unicorn bombs. Read on for all the details.

Anay Rodriguez

Prior to Covid, Anay Rodriguez specialized in creating unforgettable dessert tables and backdrops for parties. Now she's turned her creativity to hot chocolate bombs, which she offers for special order through Instagram. Starting on Jan. 18, Anay's Valentine's Day hot chocolate bombs will be available for pre-order. Purchase a pack of six lovely bombs for $30-$35. 

Pick up available in LA area (near USC). 



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Sweet T's

You'll find some of the most creative cakes, sugar cookies, macarons and more, made by dessert artist extraordinaire, Linda of Sweet T's. Just in time for Lunar New Year (on Feb. 12), she's created red and gold hot cocoa bombs (four for $25). You can also find heart-shaped bombs for Valentine's Day, $5 each. And if hot chocolate isn't your thing, contact Sweet T's to about her tea bombs.

Located in Arcadia; available for pick up and delivery for an additional fee. 


Half Baked Co.

You'll find customized cakes, decorating kits and, of course, hot chocolate bombs at this Burbank spot, owned by a husband and wife team. The Classic Hot Cocoa Bomb Bundle is available in a pack of four (for $24) or six (for $36), and must be ordered 48 hours in advance. And if you're wondering what to get someone special for Valentine's Day, check out Half Baked Co.'s Heart Cocoa Bomb Bundle, $24.

Available for pick up and delivery for an additional fee.

1206 W. Burbank Blvd.

Hot Cocoa Bomb Mom

Find bombs galore made by Burbank's Hot Cocoa Bomb Mom. Bombs start at $6 for the classic chocolate, while gourmet bombs (like peanut butter, salted caramel and cookies and cream) are $7. You can also splurge on custom bombs like the Unicorn Delight for $10, and stay tuned for the Valentine's Day bombs. Follow Hot Cocoa Bomb Mom on Instagram for the latest on new flavors and special deals. 

Available pickup and delivery for an additional fee.


Mignon Chocolate

Third generation chocolatiers Joseph and Anoush Ter-Poghossians have been serving up their decadent, almost-too-pretty-to-eat confections since 2002. The current menu includes 60 plus flavors of chocolates and truffles, and now, hot chocolate bombs, too. 

Call ahead to confirm availability in stores. 

Locations in Glendale and Pasadena

And for some good old-fashioned hot chocolate, check out these spots.

Tierra Mia Coffee

This local coffee chain specializes in Latin-inspired drinks, including Mocha Mexicano (ordered kids-style without espresso). The made-to-order beverage features ground Mexican chocolate, hot steamed milk, raw sugar and a hint of cinnamon. If it's too hot to contemplate a warm drink, get any drink in frappe version, which means blended with ice. 

Check out their website for information on which locations offer online ordering and drive-thru service.

Multiple locations


The aroma alone in this cozy shop (where they stone grind their own chocolate) is enough to keep you coming back. And the hot chocolate is an experience. Here you can choose your your style: thick and dense European or traditional Mexican or American Hot Chocolate; your base (water or a variety of milks); and your chocolate: 65% (If you want to play it safe), 75% or 100% cocoa (for the purists) or a spicy Mayan concoction. And while you're here, treat the family to a flight of cookies and more chocolate.  Our warm winter tip: when it's too hot for hot, get it frozen.  Their frozen hot chocolate is melted drinking chocolate poured over 3 (!!!) scoops of ice cream.

12469 Washington Blvd.
Culver City

Cafe Demitasse

Here we have something for parents, and something for kids. They whip up a delicate and delicious lavender hot chocolate that's perfect for parents who don't want something too sweet, and they'll top it, or a regular hot chocolate, with a massive roasted marshmallow. Plus, they have an amazing pastry selection fresh from local bakeries. 

Multiple locations

Amara Chocolate and Coffee

This sweet cafe specializes in the flavors of Venezuela, which is something you should introduce to your littles' taste buds if you haven't already. And their sipping chocolates are a perfect place to start. You can keep it simple with their Venezuelan Chocolate, which is a rich and creamy concoction of Venezuelan cocoa and milk. It's so rich and creamy, kids will think they're drinking pudding! If you're feeling like a kick, ask for the Amara and Jones with two shots of JC espresso, or the "Mexican Authority" with pasila chile and cinnamon to wake up your senses. If you're here, you have to try the churros with dipping chocolate or ice cream. 

Curbside pickup and delivery available. 

55 S. Raymond Ave.


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Lady Chocolatt (at home!)

This is where to go to experience the "real deal," as they say at Lady Chocolatt, where they specialize in thick, dense European sipping chocolate. While they're currently open for pickup, Lady Chocolatt has also shared their recipe so you can make your own decadent drink at home.

Recipe: Mix 6. oz of Lady Chocolatt traditional Belgian hot chocolate chips (classic, extra dark or white) with 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and bring to boil. Stir continuously to avoid burning. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder or mini marshmallows and enjoy!

12008 Wilshire Blvd.
West LA

–LeTania Kirkland & Shannan Rouss


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