TLT Food: A Famous Food Truck Meets Westwood

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We gotta give it up for Westwood. Between 800 Degrees, that place that looks like Umami Burger and actually is U-Mini Westwood (cute, no?), there’s a third culinary uprising worthy of resetting your Sunday family dinner clock. Come, kids. Let’s learn a thing or two about life beyond the chicken nugget.

What Time Is It? It’s Lime Time People!
In our book any time the kids willingly consume something outside of the faithful kid combo of cheese plus carb, it’s a win. Landing the coveted crown of The Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, The Lime Truck’s been playfully tossing together local sustainable ingredients one taco at a time, since 2010. This year, the lime has landed in Westwood, brick and mortar style. There’s a lesson to be learned here. Put your dreams on wheels and just like that they’re eating nachos in the village, Ahi Tuna Poke Style Nachos.

They’ll Eat Ahi?
Hook them up with a pair of chopsticks, and jump back mom and dad. The signature limeade comes in blood orange or passion fruit. The tuna is bubblegum pink, the edamame is Garden of Eden green, and the blood orange marinade makes it sparkle like that princess gown we’ve been aching to get rid of. But watching them eat like this? Wear the gown everyday. It’s fine. This is the stuff of mommy fairytales.

And in fairytales, children eat coniferous vegetables!
Tobias recommended the cauliflower, and while it came with a cheese dipping sauce, we remained skeptical that the kids would dip on in. It looks like a marriage of popcorn and cloud, sure, but kids are smart. They know naked broccoli when they see it. But apparently, these taste vastly different than the ones mom makes at home. Roger that.

We’d tell you what kind of food it is but frankly we can’t nail it down. Spicy Sambal Wings, Seared Ahi Tuna Tacos, it’s a whole mess of multicultural deliciousness. Like culinary entrepreneur Daniel Shemtob (who’s frankly not that much older than our kids. 24!  Ridiculous!) took all his favorite food truck recipes and made a menu of it. Everything’s a la carte casual (though do not mistake casual for unclean – the floor outshined our kitchen counter) and we dare say the whole non-committal set-up makes it easy to order a few things and let everybody go at it. But keep that roasted corn to yourself. 1.You will want to, and 2. Nary is the child ready for that chipotle-honey aioli.

The service is as polished as the floor, which is particularly noteworthy given that they’re mostly college students, and it’s an order at the counter establishment. Personally we don’t always feel the love at our run of the mill Chipotle. If you happen to roll in on a night where Tobias is working, jackpot. He nails it with the suggestions and the kid refills.

We do all the civilized stuff: children’s museums, story hours, but come on. We only get one shot at this parenting business. Tell us a lesson in getting their food truck fantasy- come-Westwood destination isn’t equally as enlightening, not to mention a steadfast salute to The American Way. How nice when education comes with a side of bok choy. Particularly when we don’t have to bribe anyone to eat it.

1116 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, Ca 90024

Have you paid a visit to TLT Food yet? What did you love? 

— Jolie Loeb

Photos by Jolie Loeb and Greg Rogers PR