Visit the San Diego Zoo without Leaving the House

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Just because schools are closed and families are staying indoors for the foreseeable future doesn’t mean your family can’t take a trip to the zoo. So why not visit one of the most famous zoos in the world? The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park have tons of ways your kiddos can see animals and enjoy wild adventures, all virtually. From live wildlife cams to learning about plants and animals, here’s a look at how your kiddos can enjoy the Zoo from the comfort of your own home.

Wildlife Cams
Catch all the action on the San Diego Zoo’s 10 Wildlife Live Cams. Each camera features animals at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. These live streaming cams will help your little explorers feel like they’re right there among the polar bears as they watch the wildlife explore, eat, swing, roll, pounce, groom and play through their day.

Watch any of San Diego Zoo Global’s wildlife cams here:

Burrowing Owl Cam, presented by Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Elephant Cam, presented by Planet Zoo

Panda Cam

Baboon Cam: Hamadryas baboons, gelada monkeys and Nubian ibex

Penguin Cam, presented by Alaska Airlines

Polar Cam, presented by The Coca-Cola Company

Ape Cam: orangutans and siamangs

Koala Cam 

Giraffe Cam: giraffes, rhinos and other animals from the African Plains

Tiger Cam

Condor Cam

San Diego Zoo Kids
Kids can jump right into the world of wildlife with every visit to San Diego Zoo Kids. This family-friendly website is packed with videos about animals, fun stories, hands-on activities and games. You’ll also find information about how to be a superhero to help save species. Don’t forget to also check out the San Diego Zoo Kids Channel. This channel has tons of videos with “wild and cute” content.

Many readers are familiar with the print edition of San Diego Zoo Global’s magazine. But ZOONOOZ online includes even more fascinating stories about wildlife and ongoing conservation projects around the world. New articles are posted on the website each week, so be sure to visit often and check out the latest content.

San Diego Zoo Animals and Plants
Did you know the slender-snouted crocodile is an avid tree climber? Or an ocelot has different markings on each side? From the African giant pouched rat to the zebra, and from cactuses to trees, they’re all on the San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants website. This awesome online site has detailed information, fun trivia, and a user-friendly A-to-Z guide about the most-asked-about species, many of which call the San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park home.

Science Blog
Middle and high school students can dig into science on the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research science blog. The engaging posts here cover the latest “flap” from the alala education program in Hawaii.

Help Track Wildlife from the Comfort of Home
Anyone can become a “citizen scientist” and contribute valuable data to conservation researchers by helping to count, identify and track burrowing owls, giraffes and other wildlife online. Participants in San Diego Zoo Global’s Wildwatch Burrowing Owl and Wildwatch Kenya can view and classify wildlife images that were taken by remote trail cameras.

While life has been put on hold in many ways, it’s business as usual for the animals of San Diego Zoo Global and the crew of wildlife care specialists that are looking out for them. Be sure to virtually visit them soon!

—Leah R. Singer

Photos courtesy of San Diego Zoo