There’s a Bird That Makes All the Star Wars Sounds & Our Minds Are Blown

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Few sounds are as iconic as those associated with Star Wars, in particular the noises from characters like R2-D2 or the sounds of blaster fire. What if we told you there is a bird that can make all those sounds and more? Meet the Lyrebird.

Native to Australia, this fascinating bird is a master of impersonations. And recently, our editor and her family stumbled upon these older YouTube videos that demonstrate just how amazing the Lyrebird really is. Check out the video below to hear some of the decidedly Star Wars sounds.

Your little construction lovers will be amazed at the Lyrebird’s ability to mimic the typical sounds of a construction site (complete with casual whistling, drills and more). Click the video below to hear it.

And of course, there’s the video from renowned naturalist David Attenborough, which features the Lyrebird sounding exactly like a chainsaw.

Other fascinating facts about the Lyrebird (or Superb Lyrebird) include: they are relatively sedentary, shy animals who are ground-dwelling. They have limited flight capacity and magnificent tail feathers. Lyrebirds have been heard mimicking dogs, koalas, dingoes, camera shutters, construction zones, music, phones, ringtones, car alarms and more.

Parrots everywhere purportedly are hanging their heads in shame.

—Amber Guetebier

featured image via WIkimedia Commons 


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