Now that Christmas has come and gone, so have the red and green candy-coated treats. Even though the stocking stuffer sweets have vanished from store shelves, you still have Valentine’s Day (and a limited-edition M&M’s White Cheesecake flavor) to look forward to!

The pink, peach and white candies aren’t exactly new. M&M’s first introduced the White Cheesecake flavor several years ago.

photo: Amazon

Like other limited-edition picks, this Valentine’s fave tends to show up just before Feb. 14—and then magically disappears just in time for Easter. As of now, there’s no info on just how long the candy will stay stocked on store shelves.

So where can you nab a bag of these white cheesecake-flavored sweets for your sweetie? As of now, Walmart and Target both sell the candy. You can also order the limited-edition M&M’s from Amazon.

—Erica Loop



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