There’s just something about rainbows—Kermit the Frog knew it and we do too. With a certain lucky day fast approaching, it’s time to celebrate! Instead of going green this year, it’s all about the most clever (and colorful) hiding spot of all (never could find that pot of gold!). From melting crayon art to watercolors and windcatchers, scroll down to discover cool ideas for helping those little leprechauns of yours discover a real rainbow connection.



photo: Meg Duerksen via Meg Duerksen

Melting Rainbows
It’s a science experiment and art class all rolled into one. Meg Duerksen and her crew tried their hand at the colorful creation and the results were awesome. With just a little hot glue (to keep the crayons on the canvas) a hair dryer and a steady hand, watch the oozing and goozing turn into amazing. Don’t want to buy a whole new box of Crayola? Downsize and use broken crayon bits instead. Find out why it’s best to leave out brown by paying a visit to Meg Duerksen.



Photo: Mess for Less

Rainbow Watercolors
We think this black-glue-salt-rainbow from Mess for Less is so cool looking. The key is of course, the glue—once it’s dried, set your watercoloring kids free to fill in the blanks. Find out what happens next (and how to make black glue) over at Mess for Less.


photo: Arena Blake via The Nerd’s Wife

3D Rainbow
A 3D rainbow, so neat-o and so simple to boot! Creative mama Arena of The Nerd’s Wife provides an easy tutorial even a preschooler can master. We love how with just a swipe of the glue stick, your kids can create a colorful crescent. Got a kid who likes to mix it up? Tell them to arrange the strips of paper in their own rainbow form. Get the low-down from The Nerd’s Wife.


photo: Allison McDonald via No Time for Flashcards

Cork Painted Rainbows
This is your chance to pop the top on that Pinot Noir you’ve been saving. After all, how else will you collect enough corks for this super creative and very easy art project? We love the easy handling corks offer little artists! Simply drop paint on a tray, add a cork (or six) and let the littles have at it.  Get the low-down on this adorable project over at No Time for Flashcards.


photo: via Mom on Time Out

Rainbow Stained Glass
You know you keep every piece of tissue paper hoping to reuse it one day. Well your day and your art project has come! Pull out the whole supply, add wax paper, glue and let your kiddos get crazy. Your super littles can help by ripping up the paper, and older kids will enjoy creating a colorful window design. For tips and tricks from smoothing paper to hanging it right, skip on over to Mom on Time Out.


photo: Krystal Underwood via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Fruit Loops Rainbow
Talk about an awesome project for keeping kids entertained, not to mention a fab way to clear out the remains of that sugar cereal you bought to keep the kids quiet in the grocery store. Add paper, glue, and cotton puffs. See why art master-mama Krystal suggests tracing the rainbow before adoring with sugary circles over at Growing a Jeweled Rose.


photo: via B-Inspired Mama

St. Patrick’s Day Crown
She’ll be queen of St. Patrick’s day with a pipe cleaner crown. If you’ve got straws, pipe cleaners, foam shamrocks (may we suggest the Dollar Store?) a hole punch, it won’t take much arm-twisting to get your kids to create their own headpieces. Krissy of B-Inspired Mama shares with us why it’s not just art, it’s a fine motor skill workout too!

photo: via Crafty Morning

Rainbow Wind Catcher
A project requiring very little in the way of supplies but providing a lot of creativity time, these paper towel wind catchers designed by Michelle of Crafty Morning are almost as clever as little leprechauns. If you’ve got paint, floss, and green ribbon (Christmas leftovers!) you’ll be good to go. Check out the entire project over at Crafty Morning.

— Gabby Cullen


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