Make-It & Take-It Party Favors (For $5 or Less!)

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Got too much birthday party dollar-store giveaway junk in your toy trunk? Try one of our make-it and take-it party favors that only cost about $5 or less. Imagine planning a party activity that will keep kids busy and take care of your “what to giveaway” woos all in one.

Candy Airplanes
Your kiddo’s party will really take off with these awesome edible airplanes. As easy to put together as they are to eat, your party passengers will be on cloud nine when they find out that these winged beauties are made entirely out of candy. Just make sure they don’t eat all of the plane parts before departure. Check out Armelle Blog for these tremendous candy airplane party favor instructions.


photo:  Armelle Blog

Handmade Bubbles
Want to outshine the birthday bash you threw last year? Throw bubbles in the mix and you’ll be a shoo-in for party planner of the century! Don’t go for boring generic store-bought bubbles, though. Instead follow the DIY steps on Honestly to make super-duper homemade bubbles and wands, complete with recycled baby food jars as containers, and get set for customized party fun! To get popping, click here.


photo: Honestly

LEGO Pencil Holder
Looking for the perfect arts-n-crafts activity to entertain LEGO enthusiasts? Everything will be awesome when your guests create their very own LEGO pencil holder. All you need are recycled baby food jars, paint and Sharpies to make Brazilian crafter and illustrator Estéfi Machado’s craftastic project. Start building your face case with a step-by-step guide here at Handmade Charlotte.


photo: Handmade Charlotte

Magic (Straw) Flute
A party without music just isn’t a party at all! Let your musical party people create a magic flute out of drinking straws — it’s easy, fun and really creative. Basing the craft on the story The Magic Flute, the blog Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational shares simple steps to making these cute flutes. While you’re at it, why not read the story? It has an evil queen, powerful sorcerer and magic, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the kids hooked from the first page until it’s time for cake!

Playing the Flute

photo: Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational

Balloon Bracelets
When life gives you lemons (or in this case a cheap twisty balloon kit with balloons that pop and break every five seconds) make balloon bracelets! At least that’s what blogger Michelle Paige suggests, and her balloon bracelets are easy to make and adorable to boot. These birthday accessories are everything we’re looking for in a party giveaway — colorful, fashionable and fabulously frugal. Let the accessorizing begin by clicking here.


photo: Michelle Paige


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— Jo Aaron