Maybe this is the year we perfect absolutely everything!…or maybe just find products to make life easier in simple ways. We’ll take that

We know parenting is a lot. We’re parents, too, so trust us; we get it. Some days it feels like we’ll never fully get our arms around everything. And, in January, we’re also feeling the pressure of “resolutions”, of making big changes, of doing better. This year, though, we’re taking that kind of stress out of our lives. Our first order of business is to make sure that we’re taking care of our own mental health so we can keep on taking care of those around us. You know, #momstyle. And in order to do that, we’re on the hunt for products to help us. Basically, products to make life easier.

To keep things rolling along as help-us-outfully as possible, we’ve searched high and low for stuff to do exactly that. Whether it’s cooking, getting ready in the morning, organizing, cleaning, traveling, working, or even playing, these are items we can’t wait to start using. They’re the “why didn’t I think of that?” products that just make life so much easier. So go ahead. Improve your laundry life, your coffee game, and even your relaxation routine.

Wad-Free Bedsheet Detangler

We're pretty much done fighting to detangle sheets right out of the dryer. How are we supposed to have any motivation to fold them after that?? These detanglers also help those bedsheets to come out with fewer wrinkles, cleaner, and dry up to 75% faster!

Wad-Free Bedsheet Detangler ($19.99)—Buy Now

Boppy Full Body Side Sleeper Pillow

Whether you're trying to get comfortable when you're pregnant or just need some extra support at night, the Boppy Full Body Side Sleeper Pillow is a must-have. Multiple positioning allows you to use your own pillow if you prefer, and it's designed to easily maneuver so you can get in and out of bed without a struggle. After one night, you'll wonder how you ever slept without it!

Boppy Full Body Side Sleeper Pillow ($70.00)—Buy Now

Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

A bottle that glows when you're not drinking enough to remind you to hydrate. We it.

Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle ($59.95)—Buy Now

Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer

We're not sure when supplements got to be the size of a mid-size chicken egg but here we are. This pill organizer is big enough to fit those giant supplements, has a push-through design that makes loading your meds easily, and has detachable compartments if you want to throw a day or two into a bag or weekend tote. 

Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer ($34.99)—Buy Now

Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Cleaner

All you have to do is stamp this bleach-free gel onto your toilet bowl and know toilet rings and funky odors are taken care of for 2 weeks (per application)!

Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Cleaner ($4.58)—Buy Now

SNOW The Magic Strips Tooth Whitening Strips

Our shopping editors swear by SNOW Teeth Whitening products, so recommending The Magic Strips is easy for us. Know what else is easy? The fact that these super effective strips work in 15 minutes and are self-dissolving, so you won't have to peel them off. They're also individually wrapped and extremely affordable!

SNOW The Magic Strips Tooth Whitening Strips ($34.05)—Buy Now

shortyLOVE arcade Belt Bag

Belt bags are having a moment, so we're obsessed with the adorable and easy arcade bag from shortyLOVE! Everything you need is right at your fingertips and completely hands-free.

shortyLOVE arcade Belt Bag ($148.00)—Buy Now

Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover

From furniture to clothes, the Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover has over 130,000K reviewers who swear by this handy tool.

Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover ($31.95)—Buy Now

StoveShelf 30" Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove

Add an extra surface for the stuff you need to keep on hand during cooking with this magnetic shelf.

StoveShelf 30" Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove ($39.99)—Buy Now

EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum

It's called a vacuum, but it's basically an electric dustpan. The infrared sensors recognize a sweeping motion and automatically activate to suck up all the debris your broom collects.

EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum ($128.00)—Buy Now

Quakehold Museum Gel Adhesive

This gel was designed to keep breakables from crashing and breaking during an earthquake, but let's face it: the kids running past a bookshelf or the cat walking on the dresser can be just as damaging. Museum Gel anchors decorative items, trickets, picture frames, whatever, to the surface you put them on for some extra protection. (7,300+ Amazon customers are fans!)

Quakehold Museum Gel Adhesive ($14.13)—Buy Now

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Buh-bye, digging through drawers for the 1/4 teaspoon. These measuring spoons stick together and even come with a leveler! 

Magnetic Measuring Spoons ($19.97)—Buy Now

Cup Cozy Pillow

For the couch, floor, car, bed—this is a stable place to keep all your drinks and snacks in one place.

Cup Cozy Pillow ($34.99)—Buy Now

Smart Car Air Freshener

Throw away those tree thingies hanging on your rearview mirror! This AI air freshener will keep your car from smelling like coffee and fruit snacks.

Smart Car Air Freshener ($63.99)—Buy Now

SimpliPress French Press

If you're a stickler for great coffee but also don't want to make a huge mess doing it, the SimpliPress is your new BFF! Customizable and grit-free, the SimpliPress is also really easy to clean.

SimpliPress French Press ($74.99)—Buy Now

The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men

The RFID blocking front pocket wallet holds 1-12 cards without stretching out, and the design allows them to fan out when you need to use one without losing them all!

The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men ($93.00)—Buy Now

L'ANGE Le Duo 360º Airflow Styler

2-in-1 straightener and curling iron? Well, that was easy. Hair tool icon L'ANGE created this styler with cooling air vents to lock in your style!

L'ANGE Le Duo 360º Airflow Styler ($89.00)—Buy Now

Tile Mate

Attach the Tile to your keys, purse, backpack—then track it with your phone app to easily find anything you tend to lose!

Tile Mate ($19.99)—Buy Now

JJwinks Bra-Free Streetwear & Sleepwear

Built-in bras that actually support? YES PLEASE! JJwinks created a line of sleep-to-streetwear pieces that include their "light hug" bust support thanks to the built-in bra. Comfy, convenient, easy to mix-and-match. We'd say that makes life much easier!

JJwinks Bra-Free Streetwear & Sleepwear—Buy Now

ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System

Make 2023 the year you don't wake up sweating! This system actually regulates the surface of your existing mattress to keep you cool all night. And don't worry about disturbing your partner; each side of your bed can be set to your maximum comfort!

ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System ($1099.00)—Buy Now

Peeps Lens Cleaners

With the ability to clean all glasses without any liquid solution, these lens cleaners are going to make this the year you see clearly!

Peeps Lens Cleaners ($59.97)—Buy Now

Collagen Lip Mask Pads

Non-greasy and individually wrapped, chapped lips will be a thing of the past!

Collagen Lip Mask Pads ($11.99)—Buy Now

Body Glide

The Body Glide anti-chafing stick prevents irritation and can be carried easily in your purse!

Body Glide ($21.98)—Buy Now

Magnetic Fridge Dry Erase Calendar

Of course there's nothing quite like a calendar to keep you organized, but this one from Volcanics has 34.6K Amazon reviews rating this specific one 4.8 out of 5 stars! There's gotta be a reason, right?

Magnetic Fridge Dry Erase Calendar ($9.99)—Buy Now

Password Book

We know we can't be the only ones who absolutely can't keep track of all the many passwords we have, right? With alphabetical tabs and space for up to 400 websites, you'll have everything you need in one place. And with an untitled cover and magnetic closure, no one else will be able to tell what kind of info you're storing!

Password Book ($11.99)—Buy Now

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